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...We all know that "clank". It's the last minute of the game. Your team is down by one. They've pulled their goalie for the extra attacker. It's a jumble of players in front of the net when suddenly the puck pops free and right to the stick of you star. He shoots with just seconds left on the clock. It's almost as if everything is moving in slow motion.


Off the post. Your team's last shot at winning the game wasn't even saved by the goalie. It was stopped by the post. If he had only shot a quarter of an inch to the right maybe it would have been different. He had the goalie beat....or did he.

The truth about ringing one off the post is that you don't always have the goalie beat. These players are highly skilled and in the pressure of game they do sometimes full out just miss an open net shot off the post.

However, one must also consider that it's a sign that the goalie is doing his job. When a team is repeatedly ringing them off the post it's a sign of good positioning and while it usually has the fans (and the team holding) their breath, it's not necessarily a sing of poor goal tending.

Just a thought for the next time you start to get nervous.


So after watching last night's games I just have to say...WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED???

I was looking at these second round playoff matchups as really close contests. I mean I think that's what everyone was expecting but it's almost painful to watch these teams fall apart.

There is no suspense in three 3-0 series. Pittsburgh is good yes, as is Detroit...but come on, Rangers and Avs...don't you have a game or two in you. I know it's not over yet but man, I'm really disappointed so far.

I think my biggest surprise has been the 3-0 stars/sharks series. I had the Sharks taking the conference. With three teams up 3-0 in the second round I feel like i'm in some sort of NHL twilight zone. Is it possible that so many teams have run out of gas in just the second round?

Let's go for the comback, somebody anybody...bring back the competition.
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