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"...The shot from the point by Timmonen...rebound...THEY SCORE...jOFFREY LUPUL!!! AND THE FLYERS HAVE WON IN OVERTIME IN GAME 7!!! They're going to the next round..."

Thank you Jim Jackson. Thank you Joffrey Lupul.

Thank you Hockey Gods.

What a ridiculously suspenseful game. I laughed. I threw stuff at my TV. I yelled at the refs. And I definately jumped off the couch quite a few times during OT.

Quite an ending to this series. I will be the first to admit that my heart dropped when Backstrom scored first. That pesky rookie has been flying under radar and scoring on us all series. It wasn't looking good for my Flyers.

I think everyone noticed that there were penalty calls flying out there left and right for both teams. Such inconsistency between what was calle din the first and the fact that barely anythign was called in the third. Strange how that happens.

Then you saw two things that you don't see very often. The Flyer's battled back on the power play with none other than Scottie Upshall getting the first five hole goal against Huet in this series. Huet rarely ever lets a five-hold shot in. The other striking thing about the play was Upshall taking a shot from the point. What shock for everyone on the ice to see it dribble it's way over the line. He really did a great job this game avoiding penalties and actually drawing some using his speed. I was thrilled of course.

I'm not sure what happened with our second goal. I'm going to go with what I can only assume was luck on the Flyers side. This is all I could find :

"...An explanation posted by the NHL on the Web said Thoresen body-checked Morrisonn legally and that no Philadelphia player made contact with Huet...."

Well the puck bounced around to Kapanen who blasted it into the empty net. Second playoff goal for reliable old Sami who has been playing his heart out all series.

I think it happened in slow motion, the lead up to Ovechkin's goal. The Flyers got caught in a change as AO jumped off the bench and grabbed the puck. Then it was just Ovie and Biron once again. What a shot! Really, Biron didn't have a prayer once the shoulder dropped. Once again it was tied.

We waited and waited but no one could put it in during the third due to some outstanding goal tending at both ends of the ice. Huet played a fantastic game.

It was a good thing that we only got six minutes into overtime because I don't think my heart could have taken much more. The endless attack and defend, end to end action was intense.

Upshall with a shot and his own rebound up high, but it was garbbed by Huet in an amazing save.

Then, what looked like might be an end to the madness Kapenen scooped up the puck with speed coming across the red line. But no, he was tripped up. No call. The bench was outraged, as was the usually mild mannered Kapanen.

Then just a minute or so later the same exact play in the same spot only this time it was Umberger taken down by the veteran Poti. The refs couldn't possibly over look the same thing twice and no on on the Caps bench could protest.

The flyers set up the power play in the Caps zone. Shot after shot ; blocked by defense and Huet. It was starting to seem like the Flyers were going to let the golden opportunity pass them by. Then with 20 sceonds left in the PP Timmonen riffled a shot from the point. Huet stopped the shot but lost the rebound. Briere- covered. Richards - covered. Coburn - protecting the point.

No one on Lupul who swung the elusive rebound behind Huet on the backhand as a sullen-looking Poti watched helplessly from the penalty box. Finally the Flyers advance. Finally, Lupul gets his name on the board and a body check from just about every single guy on his team.

The Flyboys pulled it out much to the diappointment of not only the Caps but also the Pens who would much rather have played the Caps. The vengeance starts. Better late than never.

Notes and after thoughts:

~ I think we can all agree that Mike Wise's article is the laughing stock of the journalism world. The "classy" crismon Caps fans were at their all time worst post game. Debris thrown on to the ice, Jeff Carter hit in the head with trash during an interview. Could you be more of a poor sport? I don't know that it would have been different in Philly but I have never seen them throw anything but hats on the ice in this town.

~ Washington still has alot to be proud of. They did win their division after no one thought they would even be a factor in the playoff race this season. They also have the favorite for MVP. Good series all in all.

~Montreal, city of first round rioters. I have to admit I'm a little concerned for the Flyers going in to Montreal. It has less to do with the team though, and much more to do with a psychotic display of joy by the fans after their first round win over the EIGHT PLACE TEAM!!! You were the favorite to win and you FINALLY pulled it out in 7 games. Good work. Act like you've never won a cup before...or been in the playoffs for that matter. Hopefully things won't get too out of hand next round.

~ haha Pittsburgh...you're actually going to have to work for it this round.

~ Good luck Rangers. I would advice not touching Crosby unless you want a penalty. Should get interesting real fast.

That's all until tomorrow's first game of round two. Good work boys. Keep it up.

One request: Can we try to win in regulation this series? Thanks.
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