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Out West...

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I'm not sure what happened to the Sharks last night but boy did that get messy. Quite the off game for Nabokov.

The game started off very even. Both teams and goalies looked good. I mean the first two periods went that way. But what on earth happened in the third. San Jose just looked tired. Their defense was terrible so I guess you really can't put all the blame on Nabokov. On the other hand, if your offense isn't producing and the Stars keep scoring on you, what exactly ARE they doing?

Kudos to the Stars for capitalizing on their opportunities. It's going to be a rough road trip for the Sharks.

In other news, obviously I find all of this year's trash talking quite interesting. Coaches are getting very defensive. However, I'm very diapponted in San Jose coach, Ron Wilson. In troubled times you're supposed to come together as a team, not throwing around blame. Clearly blaming captain Patrick Marleau was not the answer. Yes, he probably should have blocked the shot but he alone was not repsonsible for that loss. I just think that when it comes down to the wire, you have to stand by your players, as Carbeneau and Therrien (however misguided) have done.

Just Habs and Flyers on the ice tonight. It's going to get real ugly real fast. We'll see what happens.
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April 28, 2008 11:55 AM ET | Delete
The Stars constantly disrupted the Sharks at even strength. To me, it looked like they were always trying to make one too many passes, especially Thornton. I think a timeout might have done that team some good. They looked very down after the Modano goal, and the crowd was becoming a non-factor. If the Sharks can't find a way to come back, we're going to hear people playing the blame game all around, whether it's Thornton, Marleau, or Wilson.As for the Flyers/Habs, I won't mind if it gets ugly fast. How many security guards do you think they'll have posted in front of the Canadiens penalty box?
April 28, 2008 12:35 PM ET | Delete
After that beer incident with richards...I would say quite alot.As for the stars, their passing is unbelievable. Arguably the best passing team in the league. It's funny b/c I had the Sharks winning the West.
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