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...the dumbest thing I've seen/heard in the playoffs so far...i mean this is really up there...booing Jagr? REALLY? When was the last time he played for you. I mean Montreal boos Briere but at least that joke of a reason is in recent history. Jagr left 7 years ago!

...the fans in Pittsburgh could not be more pathetic...it's just proof that they're no better than all of the Caps bandwagoners...there WAS a team called the Pittsburgh Penguins before Crosby...I know it's hard to believe....

...wake the hell up, Pittsburgh...Jagr gave you the best years of his career and he left when you couldn't pay him what he was worth...suck it up...he owes you NOTHING...and you owe him RESPECT...do you know what that means?

Jagr is one of those players that is legendary. You don't "boo" a player like that...it's a disgrace.

Or perhaps you're just booing the fact that he said that Crosby isn't half the player Lemieux was. He's just being honest, and if anyone knows it would be the guy who played along side him for so long.

The crowd in Pittsburgh disgusted me tonight. If I were a Pens fan that wasn't there, I would be embarassed. What a disgrace.

...also the crowd outside was HILARIOUS...what do you think you're buffalo or something? You lost your hockey town credibility years ago when your "Igloo" was half empty for every game. Now though, I guess it's easy to jump on the Crsoby bandwagon...

...okay i'm done with that...the game, much more high scoring than I thought it would be...Rangers, where was the PK that burried everyone in the regular season. Regardless of stats I thought they really had a fantastic PK. That one at the end of the game though, they just looked tired.

...Imagine my surprise...Sean Avery was not in the box at all tonight. And a goal even...has he changed his ways? No probably not but I guess we'll see.

...how about the complete lack of defense...i mean 4-5 pens...that's outrageous...

...It is how I expected though, the preferential treatment begins. A power play in the last 2 minutes? really? But I guess hockey's golden boy has to make it to the conference finals. It's a shame for the Rangers. If the Pens actually DESERVE to win this series I will give them the credit...but who can respect the integrity of a series where there is sure to be many many handouts. And I thought the Flyers had it tough. Best of luck Rangers. You'll need it.

...i'll write about the west later/tomorrow depending what time the game ends...
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April 28, 2008 11:12 AM ET | Delete
I've been talking about it for a while and just wrote my own blog on it,Penguins fans are ungrateful and disrespectful. This has been going on for 3 years ,Pittsbugh booing Jagr. 2 cups 5 scoring titles,2 Lester Pearsons and a Hart trophy give me a break! One day they will have their hat in hand as Jagr's # hangs in Sidney Crosby Center.
April 28, 2008 1:02 PM ET | Delete
You said it! Rangers /Flyers final would be something else. Dru vs Briere...Marty vs Hank or Valliquette ( Ok thats a stretch). But overall good old fashion Knuckles hockey.Take out those HABS!
April 28, 2008 4:58 PM ET | Delete
Yeah I'm only asking the Flyers to play how they did in games 2 and 3 last round...that should be enough....
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