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Jarome Iginla beat the St Louis Blues tonight. Immediately after he scored the first goal of the game off his elbow (maybe the weirdest goal he has ever scored), Iginla dominated the Blues shift after shift. Winning battles, sharp accurate passes and one laser “Patented Leg Kick” Iggy snap shot over the shoulder of Blues goalie Chris Mason proved to the world again that Iginla is one of the most dominant players in the NHL. The pass on the power play cross ice to Cammalleri stands out even more than the goal. Everyone in the Blues line-up thought Iginla was going to shoot but he fired a pass through a sea of Blue players and Cammy potted home his 11th of the season. That is why the Flames pay him $7 Million a year! That is why he is the Captain of the Calgary Flames!

The Flames should have won this game with a little more ease but timely giveaways by certain players and suspect goaltending at times made this game closer at points than it ever should have been. Adrian Aucoin made two of the dumbest passes I have ever seen in his own zone, one giving the Blues their first goal. He does not even look when he is passing it sometimes; maybe Bert was trying to teach him some fancy no look passes that rarely work. Aucoin though, has been playing better of late, but these giveaways were a little too glaring not to point out. Yes he scored, but a defenseman should care about his own end before concentrating on the opposite one.

The other defenseman that stood out in this game was Cory Sarich. Two assists, two fights, and a + 4 on the night; easily one of his best games in the flaming C. He looked composed in his own end, wheeling away from a fore checker and starting the breakout that lead to the Lombardi goal. He stood up for his defence partner, Adam Pardy, with a fight against Winchester in the 2nd period. Then he stood up for himself and fought the Blue “tough guy” Cam Janssen in the 3rd and did better than our “supposed tough guy” Andre Roy. I was never a big Sarich fan. I thought the Flames signed him to way too much money and that he just was not quick enough to keep up with the speedy Western Conference forwards. But he has warmed up to me and slowly become the player the Flames signed a year and a half ago.

Speaking of Adam Pardy, he has matured so much as a player over the past 14 games it is amazing. He skates with confidence and even makes smart pinches at times. He takes the odd penalty but you can not overlook the play of this young and upcoming Flames defenseman.

The play of Kiprusoff was great at times, and than suspect for two of three goals that Calgary let in. The first went right through the five hole and the second went through his armpit; two pucks Kipper should have stopped. On the other hand though, he made some timely stops at the start of the game when the game was scoreless, to keep the Flames in the game early.

And one last note was the play of call up Jamie Lundmark. 1 assist, just over 11 minutes of ice time and a +1; a good start for a guy trying his best to get back in to the NHL.

A good road win for the Flames!

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December 17, 2008 12:35 AM ET | Delete
iggy was iggy. sarich was strong. lombardi skated. aucoin had a give away, everyone played the way the can :)more importantly, a win tomorrow and the flames are 8 points above their division rival minnesota wild !!
December 17, 2008 1:02 AM ET | Delete
one of the rare times I have to root for the Wild ugggh!Get back to being inconsistant so the Canucks can have some breathing room damnit.
December 17, 2008 10:44 AM ET | Delete
Question, Will Iginla be the captain of team canada? Is there a better Canadian born captain in the league right now?
December 17, 2008 11:11 AM ET | Delete
Well if Sakic plays then he is the shoe in captain for team Canada. But if he doesnt play I think its either between Iggy, Lecalvalier or maybe Scott Neidermeyer that is if he plays. But Iggy is a good bet for captain
December 17, 2008 1:02 PM ET | Delete
Yeah, I agree it depends on Sakic and Neidermeyers status. I cant see Vinny getting it, maybe an A but not the C, he just isnt as all around as the other 3.
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