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Just a few quick thoughts before I hit my pillow…

The Flames have no problem starting games anymore; it is simply playing the rest of the 60 minute game that they seem to have issues with. Leading 2-0 a minute into the game and the Flames stepped off the gas pedal and idled in neutral for most of the game. They were so close to running Anderson from the net, yet they change their game plan after they started so well. Jokinen showed some life tonight, but still looks out of place and stick handles like a 9 year old tyke player looking to go end to end.

Only allowing 14 shots on net, you think the Flames would be the victors; regrettably not. Their stingiest effort of the season was thwarted by a breakdown in the defensive zone, which allowed Colorado’s leading scorer to waltz into the slot unabated and snap one top cheese. A tough break, but a common sign for the Flames this year as small mental lapses have cost them a lot of goals against. Is it the new system? Is it laziness? Wolski split Dawes and Langkow and then Dion waved his stick at him like a magic wand hoping Wojtek would fall under a spell…all for not unfortunately.

One last thing.

The Flames finally changed the banners in the Saddledome and aligned them all on one side, in this case the Flames end, and made it look simply better. Not to mention changing the retired jerseys so they all look the same. Having Vernon’s jersey retired in a jersey he never even played in was a disgrace. This is the only time I am glad the Flames followed something the Oilers have done. Now all they have to do is retire Chopper’s number 2, which is something that should have been done before Vernon ever touched the rafters.

That is all.

This is been,

Newman on the Flames
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October 29, 2009 10:31 AM ET | Delete
Agreed on number 2. Thought we played well enough to win. One of those nights where the bounces just didn't go our way. Give credit where credit is due Anderson was solid. Colorado won the way they have most of their games, by waiting for the right opportunity and making it count.
October 29, 2009 7:57 PM ET | Delete
vernon actually did play in that jersey for the flames. He made a 'glorious' return in '01 for a few games before retiring. I am excited to see the banners all look the same though. The mix and match banners were kind of an eyesore so it is great that they changed that.
October 30, 2009 1:32 AM ET | Delete
No, they retired him in the new Dark red jerseys, which were introduced in 2003-04 season, thus Vernon never played in those jerseys.
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