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Finland's Finest

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Miikka Kiprusoff, Miikka Kiprusoff, Miikka Kiprusoff, Miikka Kiprusoff, Miikka Kiprusoff. 5 times, because he has been that damn good.

The solitary reason the Flames snatched three of four points over the weekend. The only reason the Flames did not get beat by the 29th ranked Toronto Maple Flakes.

Kipper has been an impenetrable force over these first 18 games this season, and even more on this three game trip. He has allowed, on average, a goal a game over the past fives games, in which the Flames are 4-0-1. He has faced an average of 32 shots a game over that stretch and has looked spectacular in doing so. He is earning every ounce of his 7 million dollar salary and is an integral part to the Flames ongoing success.

He is once again in the top echelon of the league in goals against average and save percentage and has regained his Vezina winning form of 05-06. The more he plays, the better he plays.

Looking a little into the future though, he has played between 74 and 76 games over the past four seasons, and has clearly worn out due to fatigue in almost every campaign. This is where our backup goaltender, Curtis McElhinney, must be played. Give Kipper the rest he deserves and have him “Vezina Ready” for a long playoff run; unless you like seeing first round exits. Sutter must realize this before he overplays him. Prime example was this weekend, where most people thought that Mac would see some time between the pipes, yet Kipper suited up for both affairs. The point is that this can not be an on going trend if the Flames plan to drive deep in the post season. If Sutter falls into the mindset of prior coaches (Darryl, Playfair, Keenan) and continues to ride Miikka, then the Flames could sputter like prior years. The Flames won, which is great, but there is a bigger, MUCH BIGGER, long term goal in mind here.

Iginla scored another two goals tonight as he continues to dominate the month of November. He was able to silence the ACC in the beginning of the third and shut down any chance of a Leafs comeback. He is the Captain, and he leads by example.

The First and Second stars of the night, Iginla and Kiprusoff, came onto the ice for the three star announcements in Toronto; giving the numerous Flames fans in attendance an extra treat.

To the Maple Leafs: Good Luck in the future. Brian Burke is not your saviour, and for that matter neither is the “Monster” or Phil Kessel.

This has been,

Newman on the Flames

Read More at: http://calgaryontheflames.blogspot.com/
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That's a pretty harsh indictment of Gustavsson and Kessel considering the Flames almost were doubled in shots and were consistently dominated along the boards... If you've watched any Leafs games this year, you know that Gustavsson has been spectacular and Kessel is as dangerous a player on the ice as anyone not named Iginla.
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I'm with A-Mar. Kessel is exactly the type of player you build around. Not many 35 goal scorers at the age of 21 available. They paid too much for him, but they are going to enjoy him for many years. Still far too early to judge the "Monster" and his career. Almost not fair to try and evaluate a young goalie on a struggling team. Just ask M.A. Fleury of a few years ago...or poor Price!
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Having said that, I agree with everything you said about the Flames. Mac SHOULD have started last night. If you aren't going to start him in an out of conference back-to-back game, when ARE you going to start him? Doesn't look good for all the big talk of starting Mac 15-20 games this year. And the Flames looked awful most of the night and didn't deserve to win. We still give up a ton of shots in most games...and our secondary scoring seems to have dried up. Not good!
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If Mac started we would have lost, and that's not a knock on him. Most starters in the league would have lost that game. Kipper was outstanding and you need to have points to be able to rest Kipper. Play him lots well he's this hot and give him breaks when he cools.
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Newman writes his column about the Flames and backs up his comments about them with facts and insight. Since he's not a TO reporter, and has no loyalty to the Leafs, there is no need for him to justify his comments about them to the same degree. Since he is 100% correct about them too, I'm sure he could write an article explaining his position if he wanted to. But why waste that much effort on the Leafs?
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