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Come on over to the Sports Roundup to listen in on TSR's inaugural podcast. We talk about Morrison, Iginla's hall of fame chances and the flames post-season chances. Come check it out!


March 5, 2011 12:23 AM ET | Delete
Morrison has zero hall chance.
March 5, 2011 9:36 AM ET | Delete
Iginla may have a shot at it, but Morrison does not, not even close.
March 5, 2011 2:06 PM ET | Delete
When did we ever say Morrison had a shot?
March 5, 2011 3:49 PM ET | Delete
I think they were just going by your title. It seems like you will be discussing both Morrison and Iggy going into HOF.
March 5, 2011 4:38 PM ET | Delete
Some of you need to take a reading comprehension class... I got what he was saying.
March 5, 2011 5:55 PM ET | Delete
Wow. I guess I'll be clearer next time
March 8, 2011 2:32 PM ET | Delete
What's the point of discussing it if he has zero chance?
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