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That Was Something...

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Watching the Flames blow a lead like that should not be surprising for any true Flames fan. We watch year after year, game after game as the Flames jump out to early leads and either wind up blowing them, giving up last minute goals or barely hanging on. And there are some prime examples only six games into this very young season.

The opener against Vancouver where the Flames jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first period, only to barely win after Phaneuf (I will deal with this bum later) finds the empty net. Shots against: 42

The second home game against Les Habitants, the Flames allowed the Habs to score 2 goals in the last 2 minutes of the first period and a goal in the last 11 seconds of the second period. The Flames managed to squeeze a win out in the third; a nailbiter. Shots against: 30

Tonight, against a team that the Flames were eager to beat, after the Blackhawks ousted the Flames in the first round of the playoffs last year, the Flames tie an NHL record for giving up the biggest lead in history. Up 5-0 in the first 11 minutes of play and they find a way to lose the game. It’s not as if the Flames found themselves in serious penalty trouble; they killed off all 4 opportunities. The Flames came out and played 15 minutes of inspired hockey. The problem is that a hockey game is 60 minutes long, and in this case 60 minutes and 26 seconds long; the amount of time it took for the Hawks to complete this astounding comeback. Shot against: 39

Are you seeing the trend? The Flames are averaging 33 shots against a game, ten more than they are firing on the opposing team. I thought this was supposed to be a defence first team. What the hell happened to the talks of not allowing any goals and making it so Kipper did not have to bail the team out all the time? This group of so-called “Professional” hockey players are eerily reminiscent of last years team under Coach Keenan. That was an ugly two periods of hockey to watch and if you are Flames Fan, I am sure you could see it coming; I sure did.

What was Dion doing on that 4th goal by Chicago? The puck is lying in plain site of Phaneuf and he just %&$%ing stands there and watches as Bolland takes three whacks at the puck and shoves it in the net. Ever heard of giving up the body Dion? You know, taking one for the team? He is Calgary’s worst defensemen, simply put. He makes Sandis Ozolinsh look like Nick Lidstrom. He can score goals, which is all fine and dandy, but when it comes to being an actual defenseman he ranks in the bottom 1% of the league. He is so unaware of what is going on in his own end it is scary, and I am beginning to see the idea that trading him might be the Flames best option. Also take note tonight that he had the “A” on his jersey taken away from him and given to Langkow. Maybe the team has finally had enough of his ego. Hopefully this wakes him up!

And a side note, why do they dress McGrattan but not send him out there to take on Byfuglien? He is only guy that stands a chance against the “Manchild” and what else was McGrattan brought in to do? Byfuglien owns the Flames every time he plays them, because there is no one strong enough to move him. Jokinen and Bouwmeester tried to double team him, but that proved futile.

This hockey game should serve as a stiff reminder to the Flames that no lead is EVER safe. Keep the pressure on and NEVER let up!

Tomorrow should be very interesting.

Does Curtis Mac get his last chance between the pipes? Do the Flames come out of the gates as angry as David Letterman’s wife?

Newman, Out

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October 13, 2009 8:41 AM ET | Delete
Nice Blog! You know what, I think the wind shifted a bit last night. The Hawks got caught in a full gale, and then it went the other way and hit the Flames. Hawk fans shouldn't be starting any parades just yet either. I like the new Flames. But I do agree: Dion is overrated.
October 13, 2009 2:09 PM ET | Delete
Games like last night make me think we should trade everyone over 24 and start all over. I know that's insane, but I'm very tired of this collection of underachieving, heartless idiots.
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