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Stealing 2 in Edmonton

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So…the Flames go in to Edmonton last Saturday and “steal” 2 points when Khabibulin flubs a clearing attempt and Moss pots the game winner. Fast forward 5 days later. Rene Bourque tips a Jay Bouwmeester point shot with less than 2 seconds left in regulation to send it to extra time, leading to a shootout win. Not to mention the Oilers get a man advantage in the OT and fail to score, despite out shooting Calgary 7-0 in the 4th period of play.

The Flames should be running out of Rexall as fast they can. They legitimately stole 2 points and 2 games away from the Oilers in less than a week; a site all Calgarian’s can enjoy.

It seems to be a night of lines this year for the Flames. First three games can be attributed to the 4th liners for creating amazing energy and reasons for winning each game. Tonight it was the second line that did most of the heavy lifting. The line of Langkow, Bourque and Dawes accounted for five of the Flames nine points, and all three of their goals. Dawes even ripped one “Top Cheese” in the shootout to help the visitors get off to a good start in the shootout.

As you look at the TOI for the forwards for the first four games, you begin to realize that there isn’t really a top line, per say, more so just "twelve friends building a house together.”

The first unit of Iginla, Jokinen and Moss have a combined 3 goals in the first four games. Jokinen has not scored a regular season goal since March 14th of last season. Remember the hat trick against the Leafs last season; yeah…that was a long time ago. Iginla only has 1 goal in four games, very similar to last season when he only had 1 goal in his first 5 games.

I guess what I am trying to say is this: Iginla will break out sooner than later and with that, Jokinen will likely follow; and when they do, watch out for the Flames. The secondary scoring is scorching hot right now, and when Iggy and Olli hit their mark Calgary will be tough to beat.

The first line did look a lot better tonight. It was nice to see Iggy defend himself after Moreau stood up for Souray; Iginla could have popped him about five times in the head but chose the gentlemanly path. Jokinen played more aggressively, which was good. I am not sure the experiment with Moss on the top line is working so well. I think its sort of the “small fish in big pond” scenario, as in he might be better suited to step out of the spotlight and play on the second line. I just think he might have more success there instead of having the pressure of playing with 12 and 21.

In the end, the Flames are 4-0, so let us enjoy this unbeateness(yeah I made up a word) while it lasts.

This has been,

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I wouldn't mind seeing Boyd and Moss switch spots for a couple of games, and see how that works. I don't really want to mess with either of the other two lines though. Also, I take back my comment on the last blog - you know I dislike Phaneuf a great deal, but I would like to amend the quote to say ... does anyone want to be partnered with reggie or dion right now ... so I guess the current situation works great, just pair them together.
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