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"I love the habs!"
Ottawa, ON • Canada • 39 Years Old • Male
Hello Everyone! Welcome to FIRST EVER live game blog for the Ottawa 67’s!

View the blog on the Ottawa 67 Fan Hub here: http://ottawa67shub.com/

My name is Anthony Brown and I am a hockey fanatic! This is the first of many blogs that I hope to write for the 67’s. I will be covering all things 67’s, OHL and 67’s Alumni related.

If you have any feedback about tonight’s blog and it’s format, please leave a comment! I promise you that all comments will be read and all feedback will be taken into consideration!!

Pre-game Notes:

The 67’s are just returning from a 5 game road trip that garnered them 8 of a possible 10 pts in the standings. They currently sit first overall in the East Division and second overall in the Eastern Conference with 14 pts.

Players to Watch for Ottawa:

Shane Prince, Ryan Martindale & Tyler Toffoli

Keys to the game for Ottawa:

- Don’t take to many penalties. Brampton is the highest ranked PP in the league @ 26.7%

- Keep up the good work on the penalty kill. Ottawa is ranked 1st overall in the PK @ 92.3%

- Limit the number of shots an be aggressive on the forecheck and in the neutral zone.

Puck Drop: 7:30am


1st Period – 20:00

- Martindale wins the opening faceoff

- Shot out of play by the 67s in the Brampton zone

- Very aggressive fore-checking by Ottawa so far

- Mrazek makes a great save off a Brampton shot from a 67’s turnover.

- Off-side Ottawa

- Nice hit by Brampton’s Alberga

- Great chance Battalion, Mrazek with the save

- Puck over the glass in the Ottawa end

- Wrap around Brampton, Mrazek stones em!

- 67’s slip one through the crease, so close!

- Tanski almost pots one for Brampton on an Ottawa defensive breakdown

- FIGHT! Steven Janes (Ott) – vs- Philip Lane (Bram)- Draw

- 5 minutes each for the fight and Janes draws the extra 2 minutes for charging, Brampton Powerplay.

1st period – 15:00

- Great passing on the PP by Brampton

- Puck over the glass in the neutral zone

- Mrazek makes a very nice blocker save

- GOAL! – Brampton PP – Santini – Assists: Goodrow, Blujus

- Brampton Penalty – 2 minutes – O’Neil – Goalie Interference

- Ottawa looking good so far on the PP. Great passing!

- Puck over the glass at the Ottawa bench

- End of Ottawa Power Play, great kill for Brampton

- Brampton showing great o-zone pressure, generating chances.

- Ottawa pass get’s picked off, could have been a great chance

- Brampton dumps the puck for icing.

1st Period – 10:00

- Ottawa with great o-zone pressure, draws a penalty

- Brampton Penalty – Santini – 2 minutes – Holding

- 2 on 1 Shorthanded break for Brampton. They almost score.

- Martindale just misses on the glove side

- End of Penalty

- 3 on 2 Ottawa, draws anther Brampton penalty – Jones – 2 minutes – Hooking

- Ottawa pass picked off, Brampton clears

1st Period – 05:00

- Ottawa not able to set-up the power play

- End of Penalty

- Brampton with another end to end rush ending in a good chance

- The Battalion are here to play folks! Very aggressive in the o-zone!

- Ceci slows it down for Ottawa, much better breakout

- Ottawa comes so close! Puck gets away from the shooter as he falls

- Great shot block by the Ottawa D-men!

- Prince goes end to end, just misses on a great chance!

- Ottawa d-men get deeked out.

- GOAL – Brampton -Watters – Assists: Johansson, Goodrow

- Ottawa hits the post!! So close …..

End of 1st Period – Score 2 – 1 Brampton

2nd Period – 20:00

- Brampton gets a shot right away, save by Mrazek.

- Brampton have the 67s hemmed in their own zone

- Ottawa end to end rush generates a chance, save Riley

- Ottawa shot off the face-off, another save by Riley

- Ottawa applying great pressure but Brampton is giving up nothing.

- Penalty - Ottawa - Lindsay - 2 minutes - Hooking

- Martindale almost gets a shorty for Ottawa

- Great save by Mrazek on a chance right in front

- End of penalty

- Ottawa starting to get tighter in the neutral zone

- Great back check by Dalton Smith, leads to an Ottawa icing

- Toffoli one timer off the side of the net

2nd Period - 15:00

- 2 on 1 Brampton, pass is made but wiffed on

- Offside Brampton

- Alberga with a good shot block for Brampton

- Ottawa looking good on the fore-check, stating to generate chances

- Both teams trade end to end rushes

- Ottawa very sloppy in their own end causing bad turnovers

- Ottawa dumps it the length of the ice for icing

- Brampton with a great chance, Mrazek with the big save!

- Ottawa pinned in their zone, Toffoli loses his stick, another icing

- Timeout: Ottawa

- 67's steal it and Brampton steals it back

- GOAL - Brampton - Lane - Assists: Wind, Watters

- Score: 3 - 0 Brampton

2nd Period: 10:00

- Great chance Brampton, Mrazek makes the save!

- FIGHT! Smith (Ott) - vs- O'Neil (Batt) - Draw - 5 minutes each

- Ottawa Penalty - Monahan - 2 minutes - Slashing

- Brampton passing very well on the powerplay, couple good shots so far

- Ottawa clears

- End of Penalty

- Brampton with a big turnover, Ottawa misses the net

- Great shot block by Shane Prince

- Brampton all over the 67's in their own zone.

- Ottawa turns it over at the Brampton line, causes a chance

- Shot block by Fielding

2nd Period - 05:00

- Ottawa end to end rush, looking good ...

- GOAL! Ottawa - Remy Giftopoulos - Assists: Nesbitt - Score 3 - 1 Brampton

- Ottawa Penalty - Shipley - 2 minutes - Hooking

- Ottawa fans on a clear, gets another chance and gets it done

- Brampton give away, good chance for Ottawa, save by Riley

- Brampton Penalty - McIvor - 2 minutes - Tripping

- Ottawa goes offside ... barely!

- So far so good ...

- Shot from the point is blocked in front, Brampton clears

- Play is stopped by an Ottawa hand-pass

- Prince tries to drive for the middle and gets denied

- End of Penalty

- Great outlet pass by Brampton

End of 2nd Period - Score: 3 - 1 Brampton

3rd Period - 20:00

- Brampton wins the opening faceoff

- Ottawa applying good pressure

- Great shot on Riley, he makes a good save.

- Fielding takes out his man on the boards

- Brampton forwards looking very quick in the Ottawa o-zone

- Puck goes over the glass

- Ottawa steal in Brampton's end, nothing out of it

- Gibbons saves a possible goal by reading a pass in front of the Ottawa net

- Ottawa having a tough time connecting on the outlet pass

- Icing on Ottawa, face on the Ottawa o-zone

3rd Period - 15:00

- Ceci with great work along the board to start an Ottawa breakout

- Prince with a weak shot on goal, easy save for Riley

- Brampton with a great chance but the shooter loses the puck

- Martindale showing nice moves in the Brampton 0-zone, gets rewarded with a shot

- Both teams taking it to each other in the neutral zone, great work!

- Brampton player hurt by a slapshot, puck almost goes over the glass

- Brampton steal almost leads to a goal, thank you quick whistle!

- Good breakout by Ottawa, leads to a good chance

- Riley makes the save on a high shot

- Icing Ottawa, thank god for the "no touch" rule because the Brampton player would have had that

3rd Period - 10:00

- Prince motors through the neutral zone, almost has a chance

- Puck slides to Mrazek, he decides to stop the play

- Ottawa goes offside, almost had a great chance in front of the net

- Brampton just misses a pass in front of the Ottawa net

- FIGHT! - Toffoli (Ott) -vs- Moore (Bram): Draw - 5 minutes each

- Ottawa chance in front, just misses the net

- Puck goes over the glass

- Ottawa with a no look pass that get's stolen, leads to a Brampton rush

- Puck looks real bouncy, it's all over the place

- Icing Brampton

- Great stick work by Sedlak to prevent a one timer.

- Brampton with a semi-breakaway, save made by Mrazek

3rd Period - 05:00

- Brampton just misses on the glove side, had Mrazek going the other way

- Offside Ottawa

- shot goes over the Brampton net way high

- Good hit by Smith along the boards

- Ottawa slows down the play, starts in their own zone, stolen in the neutral zone by Brampton

- Brampton almost has a 2 on 1, pass was a bit to far

- Icing Ottawa

- Torne just misses on the wrap-around for Brampton

- Ottawa gets a quick chance, nothing gives

- Final minute of play

- Brampton just killing time on the Ottawa zone

- Ottawa with one final surge

- Brampton just misses the empty net

End of 3rd Period - Score 3 - 1 Brampton

There you have it folks! The first ever live Ottawa 67's game blog! I wish the outcome could have been different but Brampton showed up to play tonight and were able avenge the loss they suffered to Ottawa on October 17th.

Stars of the game:

1st - 23 - Woodrow (Bram)

2nd - 27 - Watters (Bram)

3rd - 01 - Mrazek (Ott)

I hope to write for all of you again soon! Be safe and keep your stick on the ice!

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