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Welcome back!

It' a beautiful Tuesday night here in Ottawa and the Habs are once on good ole' faithful RDS!

Their opponent tonight, the Calgary Flames, are currently riding a 3 game winning steak thanks to the improved play of their captian Jarome Iginla. Iginla has 5 points in the last 3, most of hose goals, and has also stepped up his defensive play.

The Habs lost their last game to Tampa Bay thanks to a brilliant performance by Arturo Nittymaki. Goals have been hard to come by for the Habs, with almost no secondary scoring it's easy to understand why this team is under .500%. .....they can thank some OT/Shootout luck and the netminding of Halak/Price for the wins they do have.

The line of Gomez, Gionta and Cammy is simply not enough to carry this team into the playoffs. The only real secondary scoring has come from Plekanec, Metropolit & Moen. However, I can think of 3 names that should be scoring but are just not. If Lapierre, Latendresse & Kostitsyn can ever find their game this team might actually stand a chance on most nights rather than the night when the goalie steals it. Time will tell .....

Games Notes:

Habs Game Time: 7:30pm (Est)
Habs on National TV: RDS

Other National TV:

TSN: PittsBurg -vs- Boston
SNO: Ottawa -vs- Edmonton

Kippy will be net for Calgary and the lines should be the same as the previous 3 games.

Halak will be in the nets for the Habs. Kostitsyn will skate on the 1st line, Cammy will skate on the 2nd while Latendresse get's sent to the 4th. Newcomer Jay Leach will see his first action on D while rookie Matt Carle will sit out.

Here we go .... Habs in the Vintage Unis

1st Period:

20:00: Start of Period
19:45 - Habs in front of Flames net miss a great centering attempt
19:12 - Icing Montreal
19:04 - Montreal Penalty - Mara - Tripping
18:30 - Habs PK looking all right so far
18:04 - Metro blasts in to the Flames end
17:30 - Halak makes a great save on Phaneuf
17:04 - Habs kill the penalty
15:37 - Both teams going end to end a few times, nothing major
15:03 - Puck goes over the glass
13:40 - Flames all over the Habs, making the D look bad, Halak to the rescue!
13:34 - Flames just miss a tip in, that was close!
12:26 - AK46 with a bad clearing attempt
11:30 - Bergeron shot from the point gets blocked
11:00 - Phaneuf rocks Max Pac
10:22 - Puck over the glass in MTLs end
10:00 - TV Timeout
08:20 - Montreal Penalty - Max Pac - Cross-shecking
08:20 - FIGHT! Moen -vs- Pardy - Give Moen the win for the Judo throw
07:31 - Calgary Penalty - Highsticking
07:20 - Habs with a chance, Flames defend & clear
06:47 - Cammy with a wicked release! Wow!
05:46 - Flames owning the Habs with their PK
05:05 - Calgary Goal - Jarome Iginla - Jokinen
05:04 - FIGHT! White -vs- ??? - No winner, just garbage
03:47 - Chasing my rabbit, kinda missed a bit of the game ..
02:15 - Habs getting owned by Calgary on the PP
00:00 - End of Period - Score 1 - 0 Calgary

I'll give that one to the Flames. They owned the Habs for most fo the period. If this is how the games is going to go we are in for a looooooong night! Let's hope the Habs can pick it up in the 2nd. They should be thanking their lucky stars that they are only down by 1 ...

For the next period, I am going to give more of a synopsis rather then a live style blog .. I'll still try to follow the play ... just won't bother with the time stamps, lol

2nd Period:

Flames kill the Powerplay
Habs get a great chance, but it gets blocked
Taking break .. Wife needs the lappy ... lol

3rd Period:

I am back folks ...
Habs have had chances, but no freaking luck at all!
My god ... that pass by MAB was terrible ..
Habs can't it out of their own end
Centering attempt goes off the net to no one
Paul Mara blocks a Calgary chance
Habs penalty to Gorges for holding .. That's the game, only 2 mins left
Habs PK doing well, but they need a huge break to tie this game
1 minute left
Cammy with 2 shots, both blocked
Gomez with a huge give-away
Cammy with 1 last chance ... and nothing
Calgary wins the game 1 - 0

The Habs got what they deserved. If they don't start scoring goals soon this is going to be a long season ... Hey Bob, do something will ya! On a bright note, Halak was superb yet again and the PK did a fantastic job going 6-6. Jay Leach was solid in his debut and used his size very well.

Next Habs game is Thursday against Phoenix. See ya then ...
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Wifey says sorry for the delay! I will update at the end of the game.
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