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"I love the habs!"
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It’s Game Day folks! In Wednesdays game, the 67′s won the first half of this home-and-home by a score of 5 – 3. After going down 3 – 0, ours boys exploded for 5 unanswered goals in the third. The offense was led by the Sean Monahan (2G,1A) and Cody Ceci (2A).

On to today …. A win tonight will help the 67′s get 2 points closer to winning the East Division. Think it’s going to be an easy 2 points?

Think again!

After blowing a 3 – 0 at home we should expect the Bulls to come out firing on all cylinders. This is what I expect, but the real question is, what version of the Bulls will actually show up? For the most part they have played marginal hockey but, at times, have shown flashes of the potential that will be unlocked as they continue to develop as a team.

On that same note, can we expect Ottawa to come out firing knowing how close they are to winning the division? Let’s hope so. Let’s also hope that Kitchener can beat the Majors. That would only leave a 6 point margin between us and the Majors with 14 games to go!

I feel very confident in saying that we’ll see work horse Petr Mrazek get the start for the us and, being a Habs fan, I am hoping that Malcolm Subban gets the start for the Bulls.

Pre-Game Predictions:

I am going to try something new this time around and make some pre-game predictions. I’ll re-visit these in the post-game blog to see how close, or far away, I came:

Star of the Game: Sean Monahan
Winning Goal Scorer: Cody Lindsay
Final Score: 5 – 2 Ottawa

What are YOUR pre-game predictions? Leave a comment with your answers

Keys to the game for Ottawa:

- Be aggressive when fore checking in all zones.
- Make smart passes to help gain the 0-zone and break out of the d-zone.
- Keep spreading the offense around. Secondary scoring will be the key to victories down the stretch.

Pre-game Notes/Numbers:

- This is the 5th meeting between the clubs this year. Ottawa won 5 – 3 last time.
- Keep your eye on Andy Bathgate, Luke Judson & Malcolm Subban for the Bulls.
- The 67′s are 8-2-0-0 in their last 10 games – Impressive! Most impressive!
- Tyler Toffoli is 3rd in OHL scoring, Shane Prince is only 9 points behind.
- Penalties? Don’t worry! The Bulls are the last ranked PP in the league @ 15.4%
- Powerplay in decline? We have dropped to 3rd on the PP @ 22.8%
- The penalty kill just keeps getting better. We are up to 2nd overall in the PK @ 83.4%

Starting Line-Ups:

Ottawa 67’s:

Forwards: Smith, Graovac, Carnevale
Defense: Ceci, Shipley
Nets: Campbell

Scratches: Janes, Giftopoulos, Zanetti, Fontana

Belleville Bulls:

Forwards: Mackie, Payerl, Mascioli
Defense: Silas, Underwood
Nets: Teichmann

Scratches - Snelling, Bignell, Kaminsky

First Period - 20:00

- Campbell forced to make an early save off the Belleville rush

- Bad turnover in the Ottawa end, ends up in a good Belleville chance

- Ottawa playing sloppy in their own end

- Graovac & Lindsay generate a decent play, no shot

- Great stick work by Graovac behind his own net

First period - 15:00

- Great play by Toffoli to keep it in .... gets the shot ..

OTTAWA GOAL!!!! Tyler Toffoli (47) - Unassisted

- Loving the chemistry growing on the 3rd line ...

- Smith just misses a big hit behind the Belleville net

- Another Belleville turnover ... 3 on 1 Ottawa .. tic tac toe

OTTAWA GOAL!!!! Shane Prince (25) - Assists: Toffoli (44) & Martindale (41)

- Nice stop by Campbell off the Belleville 2 on 1

First period - 10:00

- Toffoli gives up the puck in the Belleville end

- Wow ... nice save by Campbell!!

FIGHT!!!! Fielding -vs- Corson - I'd call that a draw - 5 each for the tilt

- Wow ... can't believe Mascioli missed that ....

- No support for Foglia on that board play ...

FIGHT!!!! Dubois -vs- Simmonds - I'd call that a draw to .... bit to quick - 5 each for the tilt

First Period - 05:00

- Campbell makes the save off the Belleville 3 on 1

- Penalty (Ott) - Sean Monahan - 2 minutes for tripping

- Penalty (Bel) - Bjorn Krupp - 2 minutes for hooking

- Nothing so far ...

- Penalty (Bel ) - Michael Curtis - 2 minutes for hooking

End of First Period - Score: 2 - 0 Ottawa

Taylor Fielding is done for the night folks .... hand injury as per Trainer Neil Hoch on Twitter

Second Period - 20:00

- Puck is in the Belleville crease ....

OTTAWA GOAL!!!! (PP) Thomas Nesbitt (25) - Assists: Martindale (42) & Prince (57)

- Penalty (Ott) - Julian Luciani - 2 minutes for slashing

- Bulls Goal (PP) - Luck Judson (25) - Score: 3 - 1 Ottawa

- First line for Ottawa turns it over ..

- Gibbons makes a great play to stop the Bellville rush

- 67's come right back with a chance ... that almost went it

Second period - 15:00

FIGHT!!!! Shipley -vs- Corson - Let's give that one to Corson folks - 5 minutes each

- Shipley gets the extra 2 for the cross check from behind - he left bloody ...

- Good job on the this kill so far ...

- Basso allowed to dance around ... Campbell makes the save

- Toffoli comes right back with a couple Ottawa drives

- Wow ..... 2 sweet saves by Teichmann!!

- Penalty (Bel) Adam Payerl - 2 minutes for hooking

- Oh my .... so many great chances

- Ding! Toffoli hits the post ....

Second Period - 10:00

- Terrible give away by Luciani ... almost turned into a Belleville goal ...

- Monahan just about beats everyone for a great chance

- Shot from the point .... save ... rebound ...

OTTAWA GOAL!!!! Ben Dubois (3) - Assists: Smith (11) & Luciani (7)

Second Period - 05:00

- More great stick work from Graovac from behind his own net

- Foglia passes to ....... Belleville? Gotta look before you pass

- Belleville 2 on 1, Campbell makes the save

- Basso fans on the shot from the point

- Great play by Basso to prevent Monahan from getting a shot on the breakaway

End of Second Period - Score: 4 - 1 Ottawa

Cody Ceci named academic player of the month for the 67's

Third Period - 20:00

- Sounded like a missed Belleville penalty according to the fans

- Bad give away by Ceci off the back pass

- Belleville player sandwhiched by Ceci & Carnevale

- Campbell makes a couple nice saves

- Big blocker save by Teichmann

Third Period - 15:00

- Ottawa shot gets deflected ...

OTTAWA GOAL!!!!! Tyler Toffoli (48) - Assists: Martindale (43) & Luciani (8)

- Oh man ... Monahan just missed that ... that had goal wrote all over it

- Penalty (Ott) - Dalton Smith - 2 minutes for hooking

Third Period - 10:00

- Oh man ...... Campbell absolutely robs 2 Belleville shooters on the PP

- Nesbitt gets nailed by Austen Brassard

- 2 on 1 for Ottawa .... Teichmann makes the save

- Nice wrister by Prince off the shoulder of Teichmann

- Belleville fore checking hard in the Ottawa zone

Third Period - 05:00

- Oh man .... Monahan with another golden chance

- Penalty (Ott) - Ryan Shipley - 2 minutes for holding

- Beauty glove save by Campbell off Underwood ... nice!

- Great work by Foglia on the PK, like a bulldog!

- Underwood gets robbed again by Campbell

End of Third Period - Final Score: 5 - 1 Ottawa

3 Stars:

1 – Tyler Toffoli (Ott)

2 –Shayne Campbell (Ott)

3 – Ryan Martindale (Ott)

The Bulls looked like they showed up to play, but it was never close. Great win by our boys!

67’s Next Game: Feb 20th, 2011

Opponent: Brampton Battalion
Game Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Brampton

Until next time, If you can’t be a player, be a fan!!

Anthony Brown

Follow me on twitter: @ABrownHockey
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