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"I love the habs!"
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Welcome back folks! It's a chilly night here in Ottawa but at least the Habs are on and the Sens are loosing to Ray Emery! Yay!

The Habs take on Phoenix tonight in what should be a decent game provided the Habs can actually score some goals. The games features brother --vs- brother (The Pyatts), Cousin -vs- Cousin (Price, Doan) and, the one and only, Robert Lang.

Games Notes:

Game Times: 9:00pm (Est)
National TV: RDS (French)

Price makes the start for the Habs.

1st Period:

20:00 - Start of Period
19:46 - Cammy wins the race to ward off icing
19:22 - Habs with a bad giveaway in their own end
19:09 - Price makes a great save on Doan
18:41 - Phoenix very aggressive on the forecheck
18:12 - Lang with his first shot but it goes over the net
17:04 - Habs tips in front goes wide
16:48 - Gomez makes a terrible pass in the offensive zone
15:57 - Phoenix shot blocked by Bergeron
14:49 - Habs with a couple chances, nothing gives
14:14 - Phoenix with a rush, Price stops the play
13:41 - Montreal's 1st line looking good
13:08 - Tom Pyatt showing great speed
13:00 - Phoenix shot deflected over the net
The site died on me and I lost some of the blog, sorry
09:47 - Habs with a few chances but Phoenix stands tall
09:03 - Both teams going end to end, no good shots
08:34 - Pleks makes a great play on the boards to get the steal
08:09 - Montreal's 2nd line has a lot of jump, they look hungry
07:42 - Vandemeer with a shot but it gets deflected
07:41 - Montreal Penalty - Max Pac - Holding?
07:25 - Pleks on the break away buts get caught and defended
06:08 - Pleks makes a fantastic play to bet by the D but Burzy makes the save
05:41 - Penalty over, Great job by the PK unit
04:54 - Max Pac with the shot but it goes over the glass
04:18 - Phoenix Elbow, no call
04:00 - Shot by Phoenix, Price makes the save, no rebound!
03:25 - Gomez almost gets a great chance on a pass from Cammy
02:52 - Montreal Penalty - Bergeron - Interference
02:25 - Phoenix looking better on this PP, more organized
01:45 - Rookies White & Pyatt killing the penalty, great job!
00:52 - Penalty over, Phoenix with a few shots, nothing to dangerous
00:00 - End of Period - No Score

I'd say that period was even. Both teams had some chances, but I would give the better chances to the Habs thanks to some great PK work by Tomas Plekanec. Look for the tempo to increase in the 2nd .....

2nd Period:

20:00 - Start of Period
19:35 - Gomez with a nice chance but gets the shot blocked
18:55 - Offside Phoenix
18:28 - Habs looking good so far, Phoenix on their heels
18:08 - Phoenix turning the tides, Habs on their heels
17:27 - Habs with a shot, glove save Burzy
17:02 - Leach can't hold it in but Habs get it back and bring it in
17:00 - Cammy with a shot, save Burzy
16:32 - Pleks with a great pass to Pyatt, great shot but no goal
16:22 - Phoenix Offside
16:05 - Montreal shot deflected up over the glass
15:35 - Great steal by Pleks in the offensive end, pass to Kostitsyn, but he was tied up
14:45 - Habs setup in their own end
14:32 - FIGHT! Leach - vs - ????? - Leach gets pounded
14:20 - Phoenix thinks they score, net was off the moorings
13:53 - Another tussle, Gionta and Doan this time, Doan goes to the Box
12:53 - Montreal Goal - PP - Mike Cammellari - Plekanec & Gionta
12:37 - Montreal comes right back with another chance, Max Pac misses the pass
11:45 - Habs showing some great defensive play in their end
11:05 - Latendresse just misses getting a penalty for a trip, lucky!
10:23 - Gorges with shot, Burzy makes the save
10:11 - Habs all over Phoenix right now!
09:47 - Cammy with two wicked chances but can't finish!
09:06 - Phoenix Goal - Robert Lang - Virbata & ???? - Score: 1 - 1 (Mara knocked down Price!!!!)
08:04 - Icing Montreal
07:30 - Phoenix storming the Habs end, Habs giving no room!
06:51 - Gorges shot goes over the net
06:06 - Both teams go end to end, no shots
05:51 - Great centering pass Phoenix, no one there
05:25 - Kostitsyn with s shot, Burzy Makes the save
05:20 - All Habs
04:45 - Price loses his stick
04:32 - Burzy makes the glove stop an freezes play
04:22 - Gpmez centers but the pass is blocked
04:13 - Montreal Penalty - Cammy - Hooking
03:21 - White doing some greak work on the PK, I like this kid and Pyatt!
02:13 - Another successful Penalty kill for the Habs
01:45 - Habs with a shot, Burzy makes the save
00:47 - Habs clear
00:00 - End of Period - Score: 1 - 1

I'd give that one to the Habs. They played with a lot of energy that period. To bad Mara knocked down Price. Lang wonld not have scored on that play otherwise. We should see fantastic 3rd if they can keep up the energy ....

3rd Period:

20:00 - Start of Period
19:50 - Cammy with a shot, Burzy makes the save
19:40 - Doan roars into the Montreal net, knocks it off the moorings
19:00 - Phx shoots it on Price from their end, Price stops the play
18:45 - Phoenix falls down behind their net, Pyatt can't handle the puck
18:08 - Kostitsyn looking good on the forecheck
17:31 - Price stops play on a shot caused by stolen puck off White
16:44 - Montreal Penalty - Hamrlik - Holding - Phoenix owning the Habs right now
15:20 - Steal by Gomez, great shot, great save
15:18 - Phoenix Penalty - Lombardi - Interference
14:50 - Montreal Goal - Marc-Andre Bergeron - Plekanec
13:43 - Montreal Goal - PP - Glen Metropolit - Plekanec & Mara - Score: 3 - 1 Habs
12:42 - Cammy fans on a great chance
11:52 - Great hussle by Kostitsyn
11:35 - Gorges with a long shot, Burzy makes the saves
11:24 - Burzy stops play after a Habs flurry
10:30 - Phoenix Goal - Bissonette - Winnick & Heshka
09:46 - Phoenix fired up, all over the Habs, Price stops play
09:09 - Price makes a great save, Phoenix still coming hard
08:33 - Kostitsyn to Pleks, great shot, great save by Burzy with a Hab in front
08:24 - Icing Phoenix
08:01 - Play stopped along the boards in Montreal's end
07:37 - Kostitsyn gets a shot after the play
07:22 - Kostitsyn looks like a new man in this period
06:46 - Pyatt with a great shot block
06:02 - Metro shot is blocked, starts a Phoenix chance
05:33 - Puck over the boards
04:59 - Bergeron shot gets blocked, Phoenix Transitions
04:35 - Pyatt is an animal out there
04:02 -Kostitsyn with the steal, nice play
03:37 - Phoenix still pressuring, Montreal Forwards are really helping out
02:42 - Gionta with a great chance but misses the net
01:52 - Leach saves the day by clearing it
01:41 - Right to Price off the faceoff, he stops play
00:40 - Montreal Goal - EN - Brian Gionta - Cammy & Gorges - Score: 4 - 2
00:00 - End of Game - Habs win 4 - 2

Wow ... that was a great 3rd period!! I got to hand it to Phoenix for not giving up and almost tying the game a couple times. This win should be a huge confidence for the Habs. It's only their 2nd win in regulation all season! Props to Carey Price for providing some very strong goaltending. Is it just me or is this starting to wake up? Look out if the Habs can keep up the scoring ...

I also need to give props to both newcomers Pyatt & White for playing a very strong game in both ends of the ice. This kids looked like keepers! I would also like ot acknowledge the effort of Andrei Kostitsyn. This was the best game I have seen him play in awhile! Keep it up Andrei!

Plekanec now has 200 career points with his 3 assists. Cammy had 2, Gionta had 2. Well done! However, this again highlights that the Habs are only getting scoring from 6 or 7 players (Gomez, Gionta, Pleks, Cammy, Metro, Bergeron). The secondary scoring needs to stepup bigtime!! Finally, MAB may scare you with his sdefensive play at times but man can that guy ever shoot the puck!

Next game is Saturday against the Nashville Predators! See ya then!
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I am really excited about this match. Last time I was busy making a pro-cv for one of my clients. This time I would watch this match with my friends.
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