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The Habs are fresh off their first road win since October 3rd, a shootout over the Boston Bruins, thanks to some brilliant goal tending from Carey Price while the Lighting are fresh off an overtime loss to the Ottawa Senators. Montreal has had trouble finding the net recently due to a sever lack of secondary scoring while Steven Stamkos just keeps filling it. Add in the return of Vinnie & St. Louis to their native Montreal and we have the makings of what could be a very good game!

Game Time: 7:00pm (Est)
Network TV: RDS (French)

Games Notes:

Carey Price will get the start. This is a good opportunity for him to build some momentum in the wake of his excellent performance against Boston. Look for Andrei Kostitsyn to be on either the 1st or 2nd line. Tom Pyatt and Ryan White look to both be getting another start after strong performance in their debut against the Bruins. This means that Stewart & Chipchura will be the odd men out.

Nittyimaki will get the start for the Lightning. This could be good news for Habs fans since they seem to have a tradition of finding the net against him.

Here we go ....

The girls singing Oh Canada is just terrible .. this is Hockey damnit, not freaking Opera!! My ears are bleeding!!!

1st Period:

20:00 - Start of Game

RDS is not showing the time!!
The habs have generated a couple chances so far
Mara makes a good defensive play near Price
Bergeron almost falls and almost causes a give away

17:47 - Habs pressing, mutiple chances, nothing gives. Time is back
17:35 - Habs player tripped, no penalty
17:10 - Nitty looking good with the puck
16:34 - Malone drives Gorges into the boards
16:15 - TBL with a great chance but miss the net
15:25 - Mtls second line not looking good
14:45 - Habs with a couple chances, nothing gives
14:18 - Mtls 4th line looking hungry, Kostitsyn some to have some chemistry with the kids
13:52 - Tbl shot from the point misses the net
13:31 - Vinnie passes right to Cammy, leads to Mtl chance, but no goal
13:10 - Tbl pressing the the Habs end
12:27 - Gionta pitching in on the forecheck, helps to keep it in
11:52 - Tbl shot from the point, Price makes the save
11:44 - Max Pac almost has a great chance
11:26 - Tbl pressing and passing well, no good shots
10:44 - Icing Tbl
10:32 - Price makes the save on malone
10:29 - Montreal Penalty - Spacek - High Sticking
09:51 - Tampa Goal - PP - Ryan Malone - Where was the defense?
09:22 - Puck over the glass
08:29 - Kostitsyn with a poor clearing attempt
07:40 - Stamkos with a great shot but Price makes the save
07:07 - Tampa is just owning the Habs in this period
05:57 - Tampa chance ends with a bad pass
05:14 - Kostitsyn tripped bigtime, no call
04:41 - Tampa getting sloppy in their own end
04:20- Stamkos showing the Habs some moves
03:46 - Gionta dumps it into TBs end then changes
03:20 - Pyatt working hard on the faceoff
02:42 - Bergeron getting thrown around in his own end
01:50 - Latendresse gets the best of a hit on him
01:03 - Hamrlik with a point shot, then another Habs chance goes over the glass
00:46 - Tampa Goal - Tanguay (Nice one is the top shelf, go figure!)
00:22 - Metro with a great chance, no goal
00:00 - End of Period - Score: 2 - 0 Tampa Bay Lightning

Not much to say after that one. Tampa simply owned the Habs in both ends. Montreal better come out in the 2nd with a much better effort or they can expect to get owned like that all night. Tampa is fired up for sure. Props to Tanguay getting one even if is against the Habs ...

2nd Period:

20:00 - Start of Period
18:45 - Great chance for Cammy, no goal
18:34 - Great chance for Metro, no goal, no penalty either
17:34 - Tampa working the Habs in their own end and almost get rewarded
16:52 - Tampa with a couple good chances, no goals
16:11 - Tampa forechecking like mad and generating chances
15:55 - Habs 4th line only one looking dangerous
15:17 - Cammy with a nice pass to Gomez, not a great shot though
14:59 - Cammy gives it away in the offensive end leads to Tampa chance
14:20 - Kostitsyn playing the body and on the 2nd line with White
13:34 - Habs shot from the point goes wide, Habs showing more aggression
13:04 - Hamrlik with a fantastic shot block
12:22 - Pleks with a one timer, gets robbed
11:59 - Kostityn with a give away in the offensive end
11:45 - What the F**k are the Refs watching!!!
11:30 - Habs all over TB right now, getting chances, no luck though
11:10 - Gomez with a bad angle shot, Nitty makes the glove save
11:00 - Tampa Bay Penalty - Konopka - Tripping
10:40 - Gomez almost does it all by himself
10:16 - Montreal Goal - PP - Brian Gionta - Spacek & Gomez
09:52 - Double Minors, 4-4 for 2 mins
09:22 - Tampa with a great chance, no goal
08:55 - Gomez with a great chance, then Gionta, Nitty makes the saves
08:38 - Montreal Penalty - Gorges - Tripping - 4 - 3
07:54 - Hamrlik clears the puck, Double minors over, back to 5-4
07:25 - Moen with a great shorthanded chance, Nitty maks the save
06:52 - Pyatt looking good on the PK
06:38 - Power play over
05:26 - Gorges looking great on the boards in his own end
04:49 - Tampa owning the Habs right now
03:52 - Max Pac with a point shot, TB blocks
03:09 - Habs 1st line pressing hard, great chance by Bergeron gets blocked
02:12 - Habs still pressing, getting no luck
02:05 - Tampa Bay Goal - James Wright - Tanguay & Halpern - Just Garbage!
00:00 - End of Period - Just back and forth for the last bit - Score 3 - 1 Tampa

The Habs had plenty of chances in that period but just could not cash! A late goal for Tampa increases in the lead the 2 once again ... The Habs have their work cut out for them in the 3rd .... Price needs to stop em all ... 2 goals minimum to score .... does not look good! The defense needs to start destroying people in front of their net. The Lightning are having no trouble at all getting to Price ... No protection = No Chance

3rd Period:

20:00 - Start of Period
19:43 - Pelks tries jam it in after a wrap around, nice try, but no goal
19:36 - Gomez centering passes misses Cammy
19:07 - Puck goes over the glass
18:45 - Habs pressing well, Max Pac with a bad angle shot, no goal
18:38 - Bergeron shots it over the net with a wrister, Andrei gets denied on the door step
18:30 - Spacek misses the Kostitsyn pass, all the way to the Habs end
17:56 - Gionta misses the puck on a great chance on a rebound from a Cammy blast
16:54 - Moen gets taken down, no penalty
16:16 - Spacek with a blast, Nitty makes the save. Not much traffic!
16:00 - Price makes a nice save on a Tampa chance!
15:45 - Tampa hits the post, that was close!
15:11 - Habs all around the net, chances, but no luck
14:37 - Andrei gives it away in his own end!
14:14 - Kostitsyn takes out 2 TB players at once!
13:11 - A lot of play in the neutral zone
12:04 - Gionta almost has a break away, good try
11:39 - Cammy gives it away in the offensive end
11:05 - Tampa is defending very well
10:21 - Bergeron does great work keeping it in the zone, then gets a chance
09:48 - Cammy shots it over the net
09:21 - Gomez misses the centering pass from Cammy, wide open net
08:45 - Gionta with the shot, goes wide
08:25 - Cammy with another chance but missed it again
07:57 - Bergeron with a terrible effort in his own end
07:00 - Mara with a shot, Nitty makes the save and corals the rebound
06:02 - Kostitsyn with a great pass to Pleks, gets robbed!
05:40 - Habs all over the Lightning right now .. just no luck!!
04:47 - Habs still getting all the shots, just no goals
03:28 - Montreal Penalty - Mara - Holding
01:28 - End of Penalty
00:30 - Habs with an empty net
00:00 - Habs with a few chances in the final seconds but again, no luck, Tampa wins 3 - 1

The Habs definitely owned the 3rd period. I hate to think what the score could have been like the Habs had of played that way the whole game. To little, to late! Next Game: Tuesday, November 10th against the Calgary Flames. See ya then ...
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Go Habs Go!!
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