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Welcome back folks! It's been awhile and I apologize for my absence.

Carey Price is starting for the first time in 5 games. He saw limited action in the 3rd period against Pittsburg and surrendered 2 goals (1 breakaway, 1 pp). This will be a very good test of Prices' mental game as the Hawks are an extremely talented, high scoring, explosive team.

I expect Neime to start for the Hawks since Huet played in Nashville last night (2 -0 Loss), but we shall see. **UPDATE** Huet gets the start!

The Habs have changed up the first two lines for tonights game. Kostitsyn will skate with Gomez and Gionta while Cammy will skate with Plekanec and Lapierre. I personally like these combinations as I remember Andrei playing well with Gomez in the pre-season.

If the Habs can steal a win tonight and get big performance from Carey Price they can carry that momentum with into Toronto for tomorrow night. Here we go ....

1st Period:

20:00 - Start of period
19:00 - Lapierre with a chance but gets denied
18:00 - Great back and fourth action
17:30 - Metro saves the day on a great Chicago chance
16:46 - Price looking good playing the puck
16:10 - Dags gets nailed by Ladd, Ladd ejected for the shoulder to the head, scrum ensues. 4 on 4 to 2 miins after all that then a Habs on a 3 min PP I think
15:25 - Great defensive play to knock the puck away from Kane
14:29 - Great interception by Gill to beak-up a 2-1
13:32 - Habs passing well on the PP, getting shots but no luck
12:48 - Price with a great passout to Plekanec, to Cammy, great save Huet
10:43 - Had to get a drink
09:13 - Lostitsyn dumps it deep into the Chicago zone
08:50 - Versteeg with a nice chance, mothing gives
08:23 - Chicago all over the Habs get robbed on a couple good chances, Habs Penalty
08:23 - Montreal Penalty - Gill - Cross-Checking
07:42 - Gomez to Gionta, great chance but misses the net
07:12 - Habs PK looking great, very agressive
06:45 - Pleks almost had a breakaway chance
06:20 - Price makes a great save on a Chicago Chance
06:14 - Chicago Goal - Kris Versteeg - Bolland, Hjalmarsson
05:57 - Hawks with another chance but miss the net
05:29 - Kostitsyn gives it away twice in his own zone
05:04 - Price makes a great save on another Hawk chance
04:27 - Chicago Penalty - Kopecky - Slashing
03:59 - Montreal Penalty - Gomez - Holding
03:10 - Pacs nails Campbell
02:59 - Hamrlik with a great chance, Huet stands tall, followed by a scrum and a couple minor penalties
01:52 - Gomez with a nice steal in the offensicve end
01:30 - Price stands against Sharp & Campbell
01:01 - Habs pressing but give it away
00:16 - Latendresse with a poor dump
00:00 - Hawks end the period with a chance, Price stands tall - Score: 1 - 0 - Hawks

The Hawks owned that period. The Habs better get their legs going and their heads together if they hope to compete in the second.

2nd Period:

20:00 - Start of period

Sorry for the my delay, had to eat some food. Was starving, lol

04:05 - Montreal Goal - Mike Cammaleri - Spacek & Hamrlik - Score 2 - 1 Chicago
01:52 - Price makes 2 huge saves
00:05 - Amazing forchecking by Mtl's 3rd line
00:02 - Montreal Goal - Travis Moen - Metropolit & Pacs
00:00 - End of Period - Score: 2 - 2, Habs with 2 goals in the last 4 mins

From what I saw, both teams had chances in that period. Habs got a lucky one on the Moen goal. That was a softie for sure. You know Huet wants another chance at it. This should make for an interesting 3rd. Montreal needs to come out with intensity and hopefully stay out of the sin bin.

3rd Period:

20:00 - Start of Period
19:32 - Habs with a chance, nothing gives
19:12 - Hawks shot goes way wide
18:58 - Shot by the Habs, Huet makes the glove save
18:50 - Metro just misses with a nice centering pass
18:20 - Awesome back check by Max Pac
17:58 - All Habs miss a nice shot attempt
17:13 - Cammy dumps it in the Chicago zone
17:02 - Montreal Penalty - Gorges - Interference
15:02 - End of Penalty, Great kill for the Habs
13:29 - Price with a nice save on a Chicago chance (28 already)
12:39 - Gomez fans on what could have been a great chance
12:10 - Habs Offside
11:29 - Mtl's 3rd line looking dangerous out there
11:05 - Another save for Price
10:42 - Great chance for Chicago, nothing gives
09:17 - Pacs & Pleks with chances, Huet comes up big

RDS Poll: Huet - 63% agree that he is not good enough for cup run

08:28 - Montreal Penalty - Hamrlik - Delay of Game
08:12 - Metro with a great SH chance, Huet makes the save
07:10 - Chicago Penalty - Bolland - Interference
06:45 - Gorges owns Campbell in the defensive end
05:45 - Bergeron pass gets intercepted in the offensive end
04:44 - Habs pressing, nothing gives
04:10 - Chicago Goal - Patrick Sharp - Kane & Barker - Score 3 - 2 Chicago
02:35 - Long shot in on Price
00:58 - Icing Chicago
00:17 - Icing Chicago - Last Chance for the Habs
00:00 - End of Game - Chicago Wins 3 - 2

I gotta hand it to Chicago. Montreal looked good early in the period but Chicago fought back, took over the game and eventually score the winning on a great shot by Sharp. Next game is tomorrow against Toronto. If we need to win any games ... it's certainly this one. I'll be at a Halloween party with my wife having some fun but Go Habs Go!! Happy Halloween!!
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