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Welcome to Friday afternoons Pre-Game Blog versus the Barrie Colts!

Last Sunday, we lost first liner Shane Prince after he took a nasty hit into the boards in the second period. The issue is with his shoulder and he is listed as day-to-day. After Shane left the game, the team just wasn't the same. They ended up losing to the Guelph Storm, 4 - 3.

With a 3 - 1 lead in the third, the 67's took a very untimely penalty and the Storm made them pay for it. That goal provided the Storm with enough momentum to score 2 more goals in the final minute of the third to steal the victory. It was a tough loss to watch happen, but unfortunately, that is what happens when the team sits back and tries to ride the lead. It's something you'll hear most coaches say time and time again, a 2 goal lead is never safe! Let's hope our boys learned the lesson that was taught. We'll need to remember it come playoff time.

On to tonight ... The league worst, Barrie Colts, are in town. By all rights, our boys should win this game. However, stranger things have happened ..

Current League Standings:

Division: First
Conference: Third
League: Fifth

Pre-game Notes:

- This is the second meeting between the clubs this year. Barrie won 6 – 4 last time.
- Keep your eye on Colin Behenna & Mark Scheifele for the Colts.
- The 67′s are 4-6-0-0 in their last 10 games. This is getting ugly!
- Tyler Toffoli leads the OHL in scoring, Shane Prince is only 4 points behind.

Keys to the game for Ottawa:

- Don’t take to many penalties. The Colts are the 11th ranked PP in the league @ 20.4%
- The penalty kill has to get better. We are ranked 3rd overall in the PK @ 82.7%
- Be aggressive on the forecheck and in the neutral zone.
- Make smart passes when trying to either gain the 0-zone and break out of the d-zone.
- Spread the offense around. The top line can’t win them all.

Starting Line-Ups (I will announced these 1 hour before the game):

Ottawa 67’s:

Forwards: Dalton Smith, Tyler Toffoli, Ryan Martindale
Defense: Jake Cardwell, Travis Gibbons
Nets: Shane Campbell

Barrie Colts:

Forwards: Steven Beyers, Colin Behenna, Mark Scheifele
Defense: Matt Ashman, Alex Lepkowski
Nets: Clint Windsor

First Period - 20:00

- Gibbons gets taken out behind the Ottawa net

- Ottawa rush ...

OTTAWA GOAL!!!!! Dalton Smith (8) - Assists: Toffoli (39) & Martindale (36)

- Great hit by Dubois!!!

- Great breakout by Martindale .... but he falls ...

First Period - 15:00

- Graovac just misses over top of the net

- Penalty (Bar) - Norm Ezekiel - 2 minutes for boarding

- Nice glove save by Windsor!

- Colts Goal - Norm Ezekiel (4) - Off the rush coming out of the box

- WOW!! Great save by Windsor ....

- Smith just misses his second of the game

- Terrible turnover by Martindale ...

- Ouch!!! Dubois was hurt there folks ...

First Period - 10:00

FIGHT!!! Carnevale -vs- Bennet - Not bad, Jon coming to the aid of Dubois

- Great work on the forecheck by our boys

OTTAWA GOAL!!! Cody Lindsay (20) Assists: Monahan (13) & Zanetti (27)

- Our boys storming again the O-zone again ..

OTTAWA GOAL!!!! Ryan Martindale (27) Assists: Toffoli (40) - One-timer folks!

- Golden chance for Ezekiel .... how did he miss?

- Penalty (Bar) - Eric Locke - 2 minutes for tripping

- WOW ... very sloppy work in our own zone

First Period - 05:00

- Nothing on that powerplay ..

- Puck up and over the glass

- Penalty (Ott) - Adam Sedlak - 2 minutes for high-sticking

- Good save by Campbell off the point shot

- Cardwell showing some great stick work

- Big hit after play, draws a crowd ..

- Coincidentals, Cardwell gets an extra 2 for roughing, Barrie Powerplay

End of First Period - Score: 3 - 1 Ottawa

Second Period - 20:00

- Good start .... Barrie looking more hungry this period

- Great save by Windsor off Nesbitt in the slot

- Graovac totally owning the O-zone, great work!

- Toffoli shot almost gets tipped in there ..

Second Period - 15:00

- Foglia ridden hard into the boards

- Great shot block by Nixon

- Ottawa 2 on 1 ....

OTTAWA GOAL!!!!! Sean Monahan (8)

- Great steal by Monahan leads to 2 great 67's chances ...

- Ceci with some great moves .. passed is missed in front

- Ceci misses over the net and the puck almost goes in off the boards

Second period - 10:00

- That was a terrible clearing attempt by Foglia

- Turnover by Sedlak leads to a nice Colts chance

- Great Hit on the Barrie O-zone

- Sweet shot by Hall but Campbell makes the save

- Great save by Windsor ..

- Terrible turnover by Luciani in his own zone

FIGHT!!!!! Sedlak -vs- Scheifele - No Contest, Sedlak wins

- Penalty (Bar) - Trent Hawke - 2 minutes for hooking

Second Period - 05:00

- The Colts PK actually looks pretty good here folks

- Windsor makes the save off a long shot and denies any rebound

- Nice shot block by Ashman

- Foglia loses the puck twice in the O-zone trying to be to fancy

- Colts Goal - Trent Hawke (8)

- The Colts almost get another ... just missed

- Colts with another chance in the final minute

- Marindale gets robbed on the 1-timer

End of Second Period - Score: 4 - 2 Ottawa

Third Period - 20:00

- Horrible turnovers in our own end ... Barrie almost pots one early

- Great read by Martindale

- Hall with a great steal ... and he almost fools Campbell

- Ummmm .... I believe Ottawa has a point man ... use it!!

- Colts Goal - Steven Beyers (13)

Third Period - 15:00

- Penalty (Bar) - Colin Behenna - 2 minutes for tripping

- That almost bounced through Cambell ... wow

- Gibbons misses that pass due to being out of position

- Windsor gives Nesbitt a shot after the play

- Penalty (Ott) - Sean Monahan - 2 minutes for slashing

- Great job by Nesbitt & Martindale to kill some time

- Smith to Toffoli ..... one timer -----Windsor makes the big save

Third Period - 10:00

- Excellent PK 67's !!!! Well done!

- Great play by Luciani to break up that break away

- Penalty (Bar) - Bench Minor - 2 minutes for 2 many men

OTTAWA GOAL!!!! (PP) Tyler Toffoli (43) Assists: Martindale (37) & Gibbons (23)

- Ottawa break ....

OTTAWA GOAL!!!! - Cody Lindsay (21) Assists: Nesbitt (23) & Monahan (14)

Third Period - 05:00

- Graovac just misses the top corner

- Campbell makes a nice save and the puck almost hops over him and in

- Colts Goal - Mark Scheifele (12) - Score: 6 - 4 Ottawa

- Nice slapper from Sedlak

- Ottawa storms back ...

OTTAWA GOAL!!!!! Cody Lindsay (22) Assists: Monahan (15) - That's the hat trick!!

- Campbell makes a nice glove save

- Dubois almost puts the puck in his own net .....

- Nesbitt pass almost converted in front

End of Third Period - Final Score: 7 - 4 Ottawa

3 Stars:

1 - Sean Monahan (Ott)

2 - Cody Lindsay (Ott)

3 - Tyler Toffoli (Ott)

That was the outcome I expected folks, but I gotta give some props to Barrie for making a game of it in the 3rd. However, this time our boys were able to overcome the late game breakdown and get the win.

67’s Next Game: January 29th, 2011

Opponent: Kingston Frontenacs
Game Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Ottawa (Rona Center)

Until next time, If you can’t be a player, be a fan!!

Anthony Brown

Follow me on twitter: @ABrownHockey
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