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“I point the finger squarely on (NHL agent) JP Barry, the man who blessed us with the (Dany) Heatley mess.”

Doesn’t it feel like every time the Senators hit center stage in the NHL world Eugene Melnyk is quoted saying something as blasphemous as this?

I mean if it’s not his personal vendetta against Matt Cooke being publicly announced after his top defense man went down with an injury. Or to top it all off, the fact that he followed it up with his own personal CSI investigation to prove Cooke purposely injured Karlsson. But now, Melnyk has taken the sour divorce between his Ottawa Senators and longtime respected captain Daniel Alfredsson to a whole new level with his latest comments.

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August 18, 2022 5:08 AM ET | Delete
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September 25, 2022 9:07 AM ET | Delete
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October 4, 2022 4:06 AM ET | Delete
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October 25, 2022 11:01 PM ET | Delete
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