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A Glance Back

I don’t think anybody could have predicted the outcome of the brutally nicknamed metro-terrible division last season. Columbus impressed while the Capitals faltered. The Penguins took a dip in the playoffs while the Rangers surprised many after a rough start. Other teams sort of slotted right into their rightful position. The Flyers had an impressive regular season but lost to the Blueshirts in game 7 while the Devils barely missed the playoffs. In fact probably the only shocker was the Devils somehow losing every shootout they played in this year. Come to think of it they may have even lost a few for other teams as well (some people call that bad humor).

Columbus finally got their first playoff win but the Penguins still advanced to the second round. In the divisional crowning matchup the Rangers shocked the Pens with three straight wins and dismantled the Habs on their way to their first Stanley Cup Final appearance in 20 years.

They didn’t do much in the finals because let’s face it, the Kings are Kings. However it was still a successful year all around especially when you factor in the captain swap with Tampa Bay at the deadline.

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