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Round 2 is here. After the hard fought battle with the NY Islanders, the Sabres are ready to take on the downtown team, the NY Rangers. I can only expect that this be a harder fought, tighter series as it is Round 2. Miller didnt need to be great in the first round against the Islanders. He may need to in this round as they have a bonafide sniper on their team. The Rangers are the hottest team in the NHL and are being led by Jagr, Nylander, and Lundquist.
The Buffalo media is hyping up this Avery character. Nothing needs to be said about him after this point cuz all he is, is a pest. He is this years version of Matt "the Rat" Barnaby. Maybe he will bring wiht him, his celebrity girl ( i forget her name). Anyhow, heres how I see it.
1. Buffalo needs to stay out of the box, Jagr is deadly on the PP.
2. Shut down Jagr even strength.
3. Beith the Fearsome Foursome
4. Miller wins the battle of the Sophomore goalies

No plans really for us as I dont get out of here til 530, tollar has a track meet until 715 and adam is sick. It will be a classic, meet at the game probably
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