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Like I said, Avery will not be a factor except in the Buffalo News
He was a -3 with a few penalties

The Sabres pounded, skated, pounded, and skated soem more. The Rangers D were flat footed at times and the fearsome foursome prevailed. 3 goals came in a wave near the end of the second. Snipe, Snipe, Sniper city. After that it was over. It was a blowout, 5-2. The Rangers got the usual 2 goals against the Sabres. As for that, there is more to come on Miller.
According to Eklund from the 1st round
"The one thing that I felt watching the Sabres, was an odd lack of confidence I had in Miller. He looked to be nervous about losing to me. However, in the end, he made the save of the season with ten seconds left. That save may have been more important than just winning the series. It may have also put Miller on track. And he will have to be composed."
Its not just me seeing this, its other analysts seeing that Miller is not shuting the door. He;s leaving it open for those usual 2 or 3 goals. Is it a by product of the team being up by 3 or 4 goals and relaxing? Is it his lack of concentration? Is it laziness? All i know is he is not closing it down, he should have a lot more shutouts. This may haunt him and the team
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