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Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, the nites all right. BEER IS BACK AT THE PARTY IN THE PLAZA!!!!!! YEs thats right, after a 1 day hiatus beer has been reinstated but at a 3 max limit. Look for more to join the crowd outside tonite. Meanwhile, the HSBC shoudl be rocking tonite. The booze will be flowing, THE RANGERS SUCK chant will be going

Game 2 is almost upon us, and all of Buffalo has been rejoicing over the dominating performance Wednesday nite in game 1. How will the Blueshirts respond? Look for the same performance from the Sabres. As Jagr pointed out "they are like Ferrari's out there." I like fast cars, the cars that go boom. Speed kills, and it sure did in Game 1. Tom Renney is saying that his team killed themselves and gives no credit to the Sabres speed for generating those chances. Avery and company had to hook and hold and trip to stop the high flying Sabres.
What will the Rangers do to stop the fearsome foursome?

Here are some stats for the 07 playoffs(thanks to GARTH)
Connolly-Mair-Kotalik: Have accounted for 2 goal and 7 assists.
Pommer-Briere-Hecht: have accounted for 3 goals and 5 assists.
Vanek-Roy-Max: have accounted for 5 goals and 7 assists.
Staff-Dru-Zubie: have accounted for 4 goals and 5 assists.
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