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I am so pissed

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I am so pissed off
The Sabres outplayed the Senators so bad 5 on 5, it is ashame we lost that game. Well in reality, we lost the game because of special teams. Our powerplay is absolutely horrendous. Bottom line, we lost because our pp could not score.
Scott Arniel must go, he needs to be fired, asap....A free tallie at the game for someoen who brings this sign.
I dont think I have anything else to write about
Argue wiht me if you think Ottawa has a better team, cuz i dont think so.
They may have won game 1, they may have beat us 5-3 in the regular season, they may have been the "better" team last playoffs, they may have been the "better" team last regular season (that i can admit), but they are not the better team now.
They have a better special teams unit. Special teams means alot in the playoffs, it does not mean you are the better team. The Sabres need to get their act together. How about a study session with Mike Ramsey, Don Luce, and Gilbert Perrault. GET YOUR F$&*ING ACT TOGETHER BRIERE

MEMO:to Bettman, Rule #94.45 When opposing team is called for a minor penalty, Buffalo is allowed to decline it.
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