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The Sabres needed 6 games to beat the Rangers. The Rangers gave it their all, and fans around Sabres Nation were nervous throughout. Game 6 ended 5-4 as it was very different than the rest of the series. The Blueshirts opened it up and wanted to skate with the Blue and Gold. So live by the sword die by the sword, and the Rangers died. Hecht finally showed up on the scoresheet, netting 2 including the game winner. Drury on the pp, Kalinin and Pomminville got the others. Jagr and company were able to stick around all game as they got 3 on the power play. Buffalo better tighten up their PK against Ottawa.

Series thoughts
Id like to pat myself on the back, as I nailed this series
It was truly a battle of sophomore goalies, won by Miller's team. Lundqvist was a formidable match and really opened my eyes to his talent. Miller was just as good, he really stepped up this series. The leaders of the teams, Jagr/Shanahan and Drury were the best players on the ice game in and game out. We all know about Drury, adding ot his legacy of "hockey god". One thing about Jagr, he has this reputation about not playing and giving up. I can think of one time when he did (game 5 intentional offsides call). OTher than that, im curious as to how these hockey analysts/ "experts" get their opinion. Jagr proved to me, and other sensible hockey fans that he is still one of the best. He was one of the best players every nite, and created something almost every shift.
Also, Id like to thank the media for creating this stir about Sean Avery, yea let me repeat that just in case youve never heard of him, Sean Avery, one more time Sean Avery. Thats the first time ive heard his name since Wednesday April 25th (the day before the series started). He was zilch, zip, zero, nada factor in this series what so ever. Avery = 0 points = 0 Sabres hurt by him

Bring on Ottawa, Alfie, Spezza, Heatley, and that goalie Emery
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