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Well this is my first blog here so I thought that I would introduce myself. My name is Zac and I currently live in Vancouver. I grew up in the Toronto area for most of my life and I have followed the Leafs for as long as I can remember. The days of Wendle hitting and fighting everyone to watching Dougie work his magic behind the net. I've watched the highs and lows and I still keep faith.

But not only do I follow the Leafs, living out west now gives me the chance to watch Canucks games and many of the Western teams that I wouldn't normally get to see without staying up really late and then being a zombie at work the next day.

Overall, this is the sport that I love and that I will always support.

Now on to what's going on in the league.

Game 1 was a good watch. It's great to see two teams that are at the top of their game and putting it all on the line. The Sens made the mistake of trying to out hit the Ducks. I don't think that they can pull this off. They are a skilled team but they are not as tough as Anaheim. As Bill Watters mentioned on Leafs Lunch today, it's like when the Sens would play the Leafs. There was no doubt that the Sens could move with grace but they lacked that toughness and the Leafs would crash and bang their way to win the series. Maybe the Sens should have picked up Roberts at the deadline. He would make a difference now. They didn't need him (or a player like him) against the Pens, Devils or the Sabres.

Interesting comments from Gary yesterday. He did face some hard questions and he handled them as best as he good. He always seems to be on the defensive.

Well that's it for my first blog. I am looking forward to updating this constantly with my views on the NHL.

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June 21, 2022 6:55 AM ET | Delete
I watched the game. check this out I was stunned at some of the penalties called and felt bad for Toronto Maple Leafs that they were stuck killing off unwarranted penalties. I think that fans are blind if they really think the reffing was fair.
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