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Well we knew it was coming. Originally reports 2 months ago but DD at TSN, Mats was offered a 2 year deal, 11mil or so. That's what everyone was expecting and while many did not like it, they have come to accept it. So then last night, DD reports a 1 year deal. Huh?

This caught me off guard but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. Now will it official, I think it was the best move for everyone in involved.

You just have to look at an old teammate of Mats, Joe Sakic. This is something that Joe has been doing for 2 years now (I think) and it has worked out really well. This give Sundin the chance to just worry about this year and this team. He knows that his is reaching retirement soon and he wants to go out on his teams and at the same time, give the Leafs a bit of a break (cap wise). He could have just taken the option but it would have been a bigger cap hit. So now Mats is locked up for 1 year and if he feels good and has a solid season again, he can re-up.

So now with 8 mil or so to spend, what will JFJ do? All this talk of McCabe getting traded just talk or is something really going to happen? A lot will depend on what Ryan Smyth plans to do. They must have a good idea by now if he plans to stay or not and with this trade rumor still bouncing around, it's very possible he is moving on.

As Draft Day approaches, I'm sure we will be hearing a lot of rumors and who knows, maybe some will come true.

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