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Well congrats to the Ducks. What a great playoff run and what a win in Game 5. After all those close games, it was great to see them in a blowout. After watching Cory Perry in London, it was great to see him get that goal (what a shot) and once again, no celebration looks better in sports then the guys skating around with the cup. It's something amazing to see.


Quick note on the Leafs. They have re-signed Staffan Kronwall to a two-year contract. It's a one way deal so what's going to happen come camp. Is this a sign and trade? What about Carlo? Something has to happen and I'm still thinking it's going to happen on draft day.

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June 8, 2007 10:32 PM ET | Delete
Here's hoping for a trade of Kubina to free up cap room for the long awaited winger for Mats.
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