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Back at it

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Well here we are again. Pre-season is under way for the league. It's a good time to be a hockey fan. For me, pre-season is always a lot of fun just to see who stands out and who doesn't.

At this year's Leafs camp, we have a couple of those guys and some are starting to stand out already.

The name that keeps popping up is Simon Gamache. It seems like he is turning some heads already and is fighting hard to make the big club. I think that the real test for him will be a proper pre-season game. A game with full out hitting and players trying a little harder.

Stajan and Steen certain opened some eyes at the Blue and White game. Steen more then Stajan. Lots of talk that he was the second fastest on the ice (Blake being the fastest) and looked sharp. You can really see a difference in Steen this year from last year. He looks trim and fit. Could he break out this year? It's possible.

A lot more questions will be raised and answered starting tomorrow night against Edmonton. It should be a good game and a good test for some of those guys out there.

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