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Game 4 thoughts and more

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I didn't get to see much of Game 3 as I was on a mini vacation on the weekend. Went to Seattle to check it out and had a great time. All that I saw was the last 10min of the first, Coach's Corner and funny enough, the Pronger elbow.

Now I did get to watch Game 4 and another solid game. This has been a very good series to watch and they have all been tight games. The Ducks exploited the D again and you can certainly see that on the 2nd and 3rd goal. What was Redden doing? To me, he has been a ghost this series and for most of the playoffs. Makes you think would this series be different with Chara instead. He was their size on the D. The Sens once again came out strong but they cannot play that crash and bang play like the Ducks can for a whole game. They looked gassed and it showed with the lack of shots in the 2nd and 3rd. You can't win games like that. Heatley looked good when he scored then someone hit him again and he stopped playing. I just don't get it. He had the size and talent but won't use it. I guess Mario did the same thing.

The Ducks again took bad penalties but it seems like they are used to it. I helps when you have JS in net saving just about everything.

I really hope the Ducks win it tomorrow. I just like to see a team win it at home. The crowd goes crazy and you get the feeling of a big win.

Also, I would love to see Fisher as the Captain.


Little news from Leaf Land. Just signing more D-men. I am looking forward to the Draft as I expect something to go down. JFJ needs to make an impact now or at least on July 1 or he better get his resume updated.

It was nice to hear Paul Maurice on Leafs Lunch the other day. Now that his honeymoon year is over, I am looking forward to where he will take this team next season. He was right on the money saying it would be a dogfight and I'm sure that it will be again but now his players know what to expect out and I'm sure he will set the standard high again.

I will be writing a blog about what I think the Leafs should do in terms of trades and UFA soon. I'm just waiting for the finals to be over.

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