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So I thought I would get a few thoughts from readers as to who exactly the Jets could do without and who would bring them the most upside in a possible deal.

There are rumours that the Jets have been contacted about Bryan Little and a "D" man for a trade.

Lets break down the current defensive roster for the Jets.

Dustin Byfuglien

There is no question that big buff has talent. He has boatloads of ability, that has never really been in question. He skates like a man half his size, has great hands, and an absolute howitzer for a shot. The two biggest questions concerning Byfuglien are A. Is he being used in the right capacity from the back-end or would he be more valuable in a top-line forward role ? (I for one have always stated he would be more valuable up front) and B. Does he have the ability to pick the right spots to be offensive or is he just hurting his team when he decides to try to do something stupid at the wrong time ?

What would the return be on a player like Byfuglien ? It would have to be substantial.

Zach Bogosian

Bogo has been pretty darn good this season, and he seems to be getting better as the season goes on. Noel has rewarded the big blue-liner in kind by giving him more ice time than the linesmen are getting. In Bogosian you are getting a big body with a big shot. He shows a quality first pass out of the zone and when that pass isn't there, he has the ability to skate it out with sickening speed for someone his size. The only downside in his game is some of his decisions in his own end. Keeping in mind just how young this kid is, I think the sky is the limit for this kid. It kills me to say that because I really didn't want to like him at the beginning of the season.

What would the return on Bogosian be ? Its not likely he would be dealt due to the fact he just re-signed with the club, and if they were to deal him there would surely be some backlash from fans. The return would have to be equal to what you would get for Byfuglien....if not more.

Johnny Oduya

Of all the defensemen on the Jets roster, Oduya was the guy I was looking forward to the most. A quality first pass out of the zone and the ability to carry it with speed were the traits that I was most excited about seeing. Unfortunately for Oduya, a few glaring give aways early in the season put the goat horns on him and although he has since remedied those mental lapses, it is those errors most Jets fans remember most. Oduya plays mostly with Bogosian and is the defensive "brain" of the pairing. If you take those games in which Oduya gave the puck away and throw them in the garbage, Oduya would be one of the best Jets players this season.

In my own opinion Oduya is the one "D" man the Jets can't afford to give up. The return would more than likely not be on par with what he really brings to the club.

Mark Stuart

The one real mainstay of the defensive corpse has been Stuart. What Bogosian, Enstrom and Byfuglien are to the offensive side of the defense group, Stuart is to the defensive side. Stuart does all the "ugly" work defensively. He doesn't hesitate to go into the corners against the other clubs power forwards even though he knows he might come out on the losing end physically. He also blocks shots with reckless abandon. After every game you can always find Stuart getting treatment for something. If there is a heart-and-soul guy on this defensive group, Stuart is the guy.

Stuart does not have a marquee name and therefore would not bring the return that Chevy would need to deal him. He isn't flashy and you will NEVER find him leading a rush. I am fairly certain that given the opportunity for a breakaway, he would softly dump the puck in the corner and skate to the bench for a change.

Tobias Enstrom

Enstrom has been out of the line-up since Jack Skille broke his collar bone on a questionable play against the Florida Panthers. Of all the Jets defensemen, Enstrom has the most "star power" offensively. Although he is diminutive (he's listed as 5'10.......but that just might be with his skates on) he plays with a stick Zdeno Chara might have a problem getting used to, and does it with ease. I haven't exactly loved his play this season, and on quite a few occasions I have hoped that he would be the guy that might be dealt. The biggest question Chevy has to ask himself is "Just how many puck-moving defensemen does one club need?" Sure, its a great problem to have as a GM but at some point someone will have to be dealt and those guys have the most value.

I could definitely see Enstrom being moved as he would bring a positive return.

Ron Hainsey

Hainsey has missed the majority of the season with various injuries but one this is for certain. When he is in the line-up, the Jets are a more dangerous hockey team. He skates alot better than I thought he would, and plays bigger than he is. He is smart defensively and has a great deal more ability than I thought he had. Seeing him in a few more games would be nice but in the limited games he has been in, he has stuck out as one of the Jets' better players.

Hainsey has a pretty healthy salary and because of that could be the Jets' best option for a deal. With Bogosian, Byfuglien, Enstrom, and Oduya, Hainsey could be the odd man out.

Randy Jones

Jones has been injured for a great deal of the season. For the most part, Jones has gone back and forth between playing a pretty good game, then following up with a pretty weak game. Could getting more quality ice time help Jones out ? Sure.......but who are you going to take ice time away from to get him that ice time ?

Jones could definitley be on the block once he returns to the line-up. His name is pretty good around the NHL so the return for Jones could actually be better than the actual player himself. Bottom line is, if the club is better without you in the line-up, then you can be dealt.

Mark Flood, Derek Meech, Arturs Kulda

Not one of these guys will be expexted to be dealt as they just wouldn't bring you the return that this club really needs.....top-end scoring from the front end. Flood has played incredibly well since being called up from St. John's and because of this, he has made other members of the "D" core completely expendable. Its been a great problem for Cheveldayoff to have. If Flood continues to play at this level, he will stay in the line-up.

Meech has been hurt since early in the season and as such there i no real report card for his play. He is a character guy for sure and can also play at forward when called upon. It remains to be seen what his future is with this club, but my guess is that he will be sent to St.John's until another member of the "D" corpse is either dealt, or injured.

Kulda has been a pleasant surprise for the Jets. Since being called up from St. John's he has played a steady game and has neither stuck out for poor play offensively of defensively. His job right now is to take up some minutes and keep the puck out of his net. So far, so good for Kulda. He will be the first one sent back to St. John's once this group gets healthy again.

Go ahead and give me your personal opinions on these guys and where you think they rank on the team as well as what you think they would net you in a trade.
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