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There are those out there who are coming down on Mike Cammalleri for making his statements about the current state of affairs in the Montreal dressing room.

Why ?

Nobody can deny that the diminutive forward has always been known as a pretty class act and stand-up guy. His comments were bang-on in my assumption and the fact that he said them to the media does nothing more than show just how bad things are in Habland.

People are degrading Cammalleri by saying "How can he talk about the rest of the team when he is putting up less than spectacular numbers. He should be the last guy to be speaking out about the poor play and lack of winning in Montreal."

Wrong. Dead wrong.

Is he having a down year statistically ? Absolutely. The thing is, and there is really no getting away from this, Cammalleri although a very good player is NOT the calibre of player who can carry a team on his back. He needs help to do that. Unfortunately for Habs fans there is not a heck of a lot of offensive punch on that club. At some point you have to call a spade a spade, which is exactly what Cammalleri did.

Don't make Cammalleri the scapegoat for a team that is underachieving.

The fact of the matter is that the Habs problems start at the top and dribble their way down to the GM. Pierre Gauthier has single-handedly made one of the more classy franchises in the NHL one of the worst managed in the business. From firing Perry Pearn just hours before game time, to firing Jacques Martin on a game day, to the owner coming out and appeasing the masses by saying that Randy Cunneyworth will not be staying on as head coach due to the fact he doesn't speak french.

That just rubs me the wrong way and in todays day and age I can't believe they actually get away with it. It is discrimination. Case closed.

I feel awful for Cunneyworth. He finally gets a head coaching position, with an original six team no less, and then has his legs cut out from him for not speaking french. It has absolutely nothing to do with his ability as a coach because from all reports he is a very good coach. I could understand it if a few of his players spoke nothing but french so he would require the language to get his points across to them......but that is not the case. It has to do more with the vanity of the french-speaking public in La Belle Province. It is not by mistake that Cammalleri was traded for a player with a french name. Too bad to my knowledge he doesn't speak a lick of french.

So if you are one of the many who feel that Habs ownership made the right call by saying that Cunneyworth should not be coaching the team because of the fact he doesn't speak french, I would like to give you a moment to do a couple of things.

Give your head a shake.

Join the 21st century.

Get over yourselves.
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