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So if any Jets fans had any delusions that this club was going to make the playoffs, those thoughts should be completely gone after last night's loss to the Sens.

I know, I know, the Sens had a team meeting. Whoop-dee-doo. They are still a very bad hockey team and I challenge anyone in their right mind to prove me wrong.

Anyone ?

Bueller ?

Bueller ?

Bueller ?

Unfortunately for Jets fans, the Jets are a pretty darn bad hockey club in their own right. Not as bad as the Sens mind you.....but still pretty bad.

Once again the team was nice enough to give the opposition back-to-back power plays that were so close together the penalty box door hadn't even shut yet. The Sens capitalized on the second PP and they were off to the races. It seemed like the air came out of the Jets sails pretty quick once they gave up that one.

I think my main problem with this team is NOT the talent. I am well aware of their talent level. Its not great. The main problem is even tougher to cure than lack of talent. Its stupidity. Tough to cure stupid. When a team continually makes the same mistakes time and time again you would have to imagine that Claude Noel is working on these things in practice. Therefor they are being taught what NOT to do in certain situations. Yet they still do them.

If this team continues to play like this, two things will happen. Trades will be made.......and they will be receiving a VERY high draft pick.

If you want to know my opinion on what should be done (which I am sure you are all DYING to know) I'll tell you.

- I would trade Tobias Enstrom to a team that needed a puck-moving defenseman. In return I would be looking for a legitimate goal scorer who stays healthy.

- I would then move Dustin Byfuglien to Forward. That body was built to be in front of the net. The best way to do that is to stick him on a forward line and let people attempt to move him.

- Next I would either trade Ron Hainsey, or Johnny Oduya. Whoever nets the team a better goal scoring, grit forward who is good on the dot. Do it.

- Then I would ask George McPhee of the Caps what he wants for either Braden Holty, Cody Eakin, or better yet, both of them. If it was Andrew Ladd and a pick.....done

So to recap, I trade 2 defensemen for 2 top forwards. I move 1 defenseman to forward. There is my top line. To replace the two defensemen I dealt I bring up Paul Postma from St. Johns and keep Derek Meech in the fold. That means that next season, assuming the Jets finish near the bottom of the league, the Jets would have a great draft pick who might be able to not only play the year with the big club but really make an impact. They would also have Mark Scheifele who would be one year older and bigger and more than likely ready to make a difference.

This club has a great opportunity to do things right. They can be very good in a hurry.

They just have to really suck for a year first.
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