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So as the Jets get set to take on the first-place Rangers this evening many Jets fans are hanging their collective heads over the teams lack of offense. One question.

What did you really expect ?

This team has some potentially good players. Evander Kane, Dustin Byfuglien (If he were healthy), and Zach Bogosian are all top-notch players. Players like Alex Burmistrov and Blake Wheeler have a ton of ability but as of yet can't seem to find consistent scoring touch.

At some point GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will make some deals to better this club offensively but whether that will be at the deadline or in the off-season is unclear.

One thing is for certain though.

Evander Kane is treading a very fine line in terms of public opinion.

The young forward has been rumoured to have skipped out on paying a tab as well as having gotten into a fight at a local nightclub just prior to announcing he suffered from a concussion. Hmmmmmm.

Keep in mind.....these are rumours.

Some in the media are sticking up for Kane by saying that there is nothing substantiated by anyone in these rumours and that it could be a case of some people who are out to get him.

Really ?

Why ?

I cannot see people just forming a hate-on for a player for no reason. That just makes no sense to me.

The Jets are absolutely adored in this city and the thought of a group of individuals just singling out a player for no reason is somewhat ludicrous. It would take something substantial for someone to hate Kane that much. Much like that really hot girl you had a crush on in high school. She could treat you like crap because she was just that hot......but only so for so long.

At some point enough is enough.

If Cheveldayoff finds that any of these rumours are true I would think it would be in the best interest of the franchise to deal him now before the rest of the league finds out that he just may be a bad apple.

Lord knows the Jets need some scoring depth and trading Kane would take an asset out of the line up but I think it would be more valuable to get a player in return who would cause less grief.
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