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I will be the first one to admit that I was a little more than miffed at the Russian tender for saying the idiotic things that he did about Winnipeg. Yes, I can understand why he would say those things, but they were unfounded opinions which he later recanted before his first visit to the Manitoba capital city. At the time he made the statements I thought to myself "screw him, who needs him anyways!!".

A few months later I find myself marvelling in candor and sense of humour. I mean, who can hate a guy who is as self-depricating as this guy ?

Whether its his post-game comments after the 9-8 loss to the Jets, or his post-practice comments prior to the New Years Day game. The dude is simply hilarious.

Maybe at some point in time when Winnipeg coaxes more Russian immigrants to their fair city and puts aside more land for city parks, they might be able to lure Bryzgalov to join the Jets. The guy is worth the price of admission even when he doesn't play.
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