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Hmmm.......where do I begin ?

Well, lets start with Bryan Little shall we ? He was.....well......brutal. He was eventually replaced on the top line with Mark Scheifele who was better tonight than he has been in the last two games. Still, there was absolutely no chemistry between any line tonight and although the entire team wasn't very good, some of them were just plain bad. Once again Nik Antropov is proving to be the single player that I will take my wrath out on all season long. I literally cannot wait until he is dealt somewhere.....anywhere.

Now don't get me wrong, of all the years for this team to suck and be able to get away with it, this is the one. They will get a reprieve of sorts due to the fact that the team has returned to Winnipeg. The problem is, that reprieve will come from the fans and not from Claude Noel and Jets management. Another thing.......I have absolutely no problem with this team being bad. I really don't. But not trying, or just plain being dumb and not learning from mistakes is really not excuseable. Within the next few games, possibly by the next game, you can expect to see some pretty major changes in this lineup. I expect to see Derek Meech dress next game. Due to his versatility they can either put him on the back end or possibly move him to a forward line. I honestly think that the powers that be may force Big Buff to play forward again. Whether he likes it or not. This would allow either Meech or Paul Postma to be called up to take Buff's spot on the blue line.

Personally I wouldn't have a problem if they just switched the IceCaps with the Jets right now so that we could put a team on the ice that was trying like hell on every shift. I've heard that Antropov likes to fish.......well there are a TON of fish in Newfoundland. Have attem bubba. Fish yer face off. I digress.

In any case, the Jets have fallen to 0-3 on the year with an almost certain loss coming up against the Pens. I'll blog on this whole fiasco again once I have fully suppressed the gag reflex.
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