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Well, it's no surprise, Oilers, as of late, have only had 3+ goals in the last 10 games (8-2 W over Calgary, 5-3 L to Minnesota, 4-1 W over Colorado). 7 of those games we've scored 1 or less. I do not know what it is, what the problem is with scoring, perhaps it was all used against Calgary? Ralph Kruger needs to remake the lines, something line this:

Line 1:


Line 2:


Line 3:


Line 4:






Of course, Nuge, MPS, Hemmer are all injured. But if you think glass half full, at least we didn't make the playoffs, while everyone is injured.

So? Who do we draft? A forward? No, we have tons of those. A defense man? Possibly, one would be useful. A goalie? None in the first round.

I'd say a defense man. And if the draft were to start today, Darnell Nurse of the Soo Grey Hounds would be 6th. But Nashville and Carolina are each 2 points back, tied in games with the Oilers, Tampa is 3 points back and Colorado is 4 points back. So let's say, Nashville who plays Calgary, Detroit, and Columbus all non-playoff teams, but in the mix (Except for Columbus.), so Nashville can go 2-1, putting them tied with the Oilers at 41 points. Carolina, who faces, Islanders, Rangers and Pittsburgh, All playoff teams, and they go 0-3, then we have Tampa, who play Maple Leafs, Bruins, and Panthers. So they can go 2-1/1-2. Then we have the Avalanche, who have Blues, who they beat 5-3 two nights ago, Coyotes, who are slowly losing the playoff race and Wild, who are flopping just as bad. So 2-1/3-0.

This would put us as 3rd. But hold the phone. We can trade as well, but who could we trade for? Maybe Craig MacTavish can be dumb, but he isn't an idiot like Tambolini. He would trade for a defense man or a goalie, Maybe: Our 1st and Whitney with Hemsky to Buffalo for Miller and a Defense man. And if we sign Striet, we are as good as gold for next year.
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