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Two of the four major sports in North America have challenges. Hockey is not one of those sports. After Baseball added challenges before the 2014 season it made me wonder; why doesn't hockey? After watching the game on Saturday between the Vancouver Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers, it made you wonder, how is such an obvious call missed? For those whom are not aware, Alexander Burrows of the Canucks, tipped the puck down with his hand and approximately five seconds later Nick Bonino tipped in a point shot by Dan Hamhuis. Bonino’s goal brought the Canucks within one goal of the Oilers. Not only that, but brought all the momentum on the Canucks’ side. Oilers then would go on to take six consecutive penalties, two of which they were scored on. But if there were challenges, could have the Oilers won the game?

This has always been a highly debated topic, since the NFL introduced the modern day challenge in 1999. I personally do not see a harm in it. Each team gets one challenge per game, it is fool proof. Blown calls such as Burrows knocking it down with his hand could easily be avoided, and the game could have continued, with the Oilers leading 3-1. Now there is some issues with this system. Would coaches be able to review penalties? Would this system still use Toronto as its eyes? Would there be a screen which the refs could review the screen on the ice? How much would this cost the league? Who would be telling the coach whether or not to review the play? These question have, and will be unanswered until the league decides to implement challenges in the league. All I ask is, why not give it a go?
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Hockey is my favourite sport and love to watch its national and international tournaments. There are four major game in North America that have a challenge, but hockey is not one of them. This has been a highly debated topic is case study strengths and weaknesses since the NFL introduced the day challenge.
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