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So I am randomly doing this because I am bored and I have time, but I am going to start a new series call “Trade Proposals with Oilers4Life” (Something like that.)

So here we go:

VAN: Tanev

EDM: Paarjavi

Paarjavi isn’t the greatest ever, and can be easy replaced. All we need to do is get Richards if he’s bought out, move Gagner to the Left Wing, sign Bryan Bickel and there we have it, we just replaced Paarjavi easily.

COL: Landeskog

EDM: Hemsky, 1st, Decent Prospect, maybe Gernat.

I said this in one of Clouiter’s blogs, someone said that they’d want more than just Landeskog if we threw in our first, Maybe there 2nd so we could get Fucale if he slipped? Or a Defenseman?

So our top 6 would look something like this:


But the problem is that Gagner would not be in there. So if we didn’t get Richards:


That… That’s a force to be reckoned with. That may actually be one of the best top 6’s in the league…

Our bottom 6…


Here, we need a line 3 center. I’ll throw a couple of names at you guys:

Richards on the third line?

Rajala is there because if you think about it, he may be small, but apparently he is a good two way place, and is fast, although I only way a little bit less and I’m only 14. (He’s 5’10 163 pounds) He’s also a natural Right Wing to, so that’s a plus. So our bottom 6 looks like this:

Bickel- (All the names I threw at you, pick 1)- Rajala
Smyth/Hartikean- Horcoff-Brown

Now for our defense. It currently looks like this:

JR Schultz-SR Schultz
Potter/Whitney-Fistric I think ( I forget )

That needs a huge shake up. If we got Tanev, this would be better:

JR Schultz- _____

Streit is the best available defense man in the Free Agency, if we can sign if, our defense would look like this:

JR Schultz-Striet

Klefbom, should either be in the AHL or as a 7th defense man, leave Potter in the AHL, he is no use. Whitney said he won’t be back this year! Great! You suck anyway. Your attitude was horrible, you were always a Debbie Downer anyway. And from that, my next topic:

We need a new Captain, Horcoff, excellent player, maybe you can be the 3rd assistant.

Who should be our captain. I’ll give you 4 names.

Hall, Eberle, Gagner, Smid.

Yes Smid. He is a warrior, he stands in front of every shot, he comes back after injury he should at least be an assistant. Hall is the next Gretzky (Oilers wise) I mean as if we were comparing this to the 80’s dynasty, he’d be Gretzky. He should be the captain. Gagner/Eberle would be the assistant, and if Horcoff isn’t, then we have our captaincy for next season.
For our goalie issues, Dubynk is a great goalie, so what if he has bad games? Every goalie has bad games, it’s the way you learn from the mistake, he’ll be great next year.
If we get Fucale, then we are golden, maybe the backup goalie to get some expirence.

Tell me what you guys think, if I should write another blog tomorrow.
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