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Oil Drop Episode 3.

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Before I start with Oil Drop Episode 3, I’d like to say best of luck to Richard Cloutier on getting his dream job.

As much as everyone hates your blog, you as a person, you’re alright. So best of luck!

(Just don’t become a GM, we don’t want another rebuild.)

The draft is 32 days away, we pick 7th, as many people know. According to my sources (Richard Cloutier’s comments) Oilers will not pick Barkov, or trade up to get him, as that will result in giving up on of the following:

Eberle, Hall, Yakupov, or Nugent-Hopkins.

But the thing about Nugent-Hopkins is, he’s injury prone. He has great potential, don’t get me wrong, but 4 goals in 40 games, 1 goal per 10 games. He finished with 24 points.

I don’t think this is a good proposal but:

Avalanche: Landeskog

Edmonton: Nugent-Hopkins (Straight up or a decent prospect? Maybe our 37th?)

Landeskog got 17 points in 36 games. Not great, Nugent-Hopkins did better.

Or we can work around trying to get Landeskog without giving up RNH.

Avalanche: Landeskog

Edmonton: Paarjavi, 7 overall, 37th, Hemsky.

Edmonton here will not be giving up too much here. We can replace Paarjavi with Bryan Bickel, and Hemsky with Rajala, he plays a good two way game I’ve heard from my sources. I would’ve suggesting taking Richards if he was bought out, but Tortarella just got fired as I am writing this, Kyle Wellwood, a good center man could be useful on the second/third line. Antropov or Malhotra, a good faceoff man in Vancouver. Then move Gagner to the Left Wing. So lines look like this:

Gagner- Antropov- Eberle
Bickel- Wellwood/Horcoff-Rajala

For defense, Striet would be a good signing, Klefbom should come up, so something like:

JR Schultz – Striet
Smid – Petry
SR Schutlz – Klefbom/ Potter

And some goalie from Europe, maybe Kunbudion.
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