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Oilers Offseason.

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The Oilers as a team in the 2013-2014 season were terrible. Power Play was down; Penalty Kill was down after a spike in the 2012-2013 season. Oilers also were in the bottom 10 for goals this year. So how can MacT fix this, how can the Oilers become a cup contender?

So let’s look at the roster at this insistent.



So firstly, the defense needs an upgrade. The fourth line has no one. The second line is terrible. It’s draft time.

So there are four players that we are able to draft.

Here are my picks

Florida: Reinhart
Buffalo: Ekblad
Edmonton: Draisaitl

Florida needs players at all positions; their centre depth is not up to par. They will probably pick Reinhart.

Buffalo also needs players at all positions. So they will pick the best player available. Ekblad will be taken.

Edmonton needs more centre depth. Gagner hasn’t been the same since his jaw injury. He will be traded. For what? Draisaitl will possibly take his place.

Gagner can still become the player that he was last year. Putting up 60 some points with good linemates. He will not get those linemates here in Edmonton. Possibly Edmonton could trade him for “That Defenseman” that we need. Package him with Yakupov, 2015’s first and a A- prospect for Weber. Maybe MacT could put Eberle in there instead of Yakupov.

For the abandoned right wing position, they’re a lot of decent free agents. The top two free agents in this free agency are Marian Gaborik and Jarome Iginla. Both veteran leaders, both still got it even though they are in their 30’s.

Gordon and Hendricks (both overpayed) are decent fourth liners. Gordon with impressive faceoffs and Hendricks can make that “big hit” if we need it. Pitlick is a young rookie, who could become a good 3rd liner. Handzus, would possibly be that 3rd line centre that we need. Daniel Winnik, can be a decent third line left wing. Arcobello can be on the side.




Regardless of what happens, it’ll be an interesting offseason.
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