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Refz r pussyyies, ON • Afghanistan • 16 Years Old • Male
Please feel free to correct me on any grammar or vocabulary mistakes.

Today I got a message to research two players, Akim Aliu and Wojket Wolski. I'll start with Akim Aliu.

Akim Aliu is 6'3, 225 pounds, plays right wing and 24 years of age. He was born in Okene Nigeria. But moved to Ukraine early in his life. He then moved to Canada when his parents where nervous of the political tenison in the Soviet Union. He eventually made it to junoir and at one point for the London Knights he was a point per game player. He was also part of a fight with teammate Steve Downie in the early stages of the 2005-2006 OHL season. He has played 7 games in the NHL and has 3 points. Could he possibly be a good 4th liner? He has a cheap salary of 695,000$. Though he may be hard to handle due to an attitude problem.

The other player - Wojtek Wolski was born in Zarbze Poland. He is 6'3- 210 pounds and plays left wing He is 27 years of age. He owns several Brampton Battalion (Now located in North Bay) records (12) including most points in a season with 128 and most assists in a season with 81. His NHL point total is 267 with 99 goals and 168 assists. He can be useful on the third line.
He is a cheap fit that costs 600,000$



Also if Smyth gets injured we have prospects like Kharia and Hamilton. Brown can be an extra and perhaps Will Acton and Lander.can switch to see who fits as the 4th line centre.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. Took me quite awhile to write and proof read.
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Very noice
July 25, 2013 1:42 PM ET | Delete
I think Aliu would be worthwhile taking a shot at.
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