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The Capitals won Game 5, hats off to them. They were hungrier then the Flyers more often then not. Game 6 will be Monday night.


Did Ovie recieve a memo from Sidney to tell him to dive more? For a player will awesome talent its a shame he now has to resort to diving. It takes away from his game and respect all the other players have for him.

Even with the Capitals winning Game 5, they only one by one goal. Yes, a win is a win but truthfully I expected if they were going to win they would do a lot more damage. They should thank all the hockey gods for all the power plays. If it wasn't for them, the series would be over.

I'm thankful that Hockey is on Network TV but seriously folks regardless if you are a Capitals or Flyers fan you just witnessed a truly biased all around performance by Network Announcers. I even muted the TV it was so bad and even asked the people around me who are not true Hockey fans and they even asked me what was going on with the people talking. They thought there were two teams playing not just the Capitals.

I haven't seen but I have read and heard about what Marty did with Sean Avery and I have to tell you that I would've done the same thing. What Avery has done with all of his antics is horrible for the game. Regardless if it was unique and creative, there should be a respect factor but I don't think he understands what that word means. The Devils need to find a better backup to take some of the work load off of Marty next year so he could be fresher in the playoffs. Some of the goals he let in have been very weak.

I have stated this time and time again, I'm all for hard hockey but the last thing I like to see in any series are the refs making an impact in the game. I relate this to Baseball, when the game is over and you realize how fun and hard fought the game was between the two teams, without constant umpire interaction. Almost like the umpires were invisible to say the least. When was the last time you could say that about any playoff game?

Have a good night everyone...
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April 19, 2008 5:20 PM ET | Delete
I'll offer a different point of view. I chose the Flyers to win this series in 6 or 7 and I'll stand by that. However, today, I felt if there were any bias by the NBC broadcasters, it was toward the Flyers. They were already writing off the Caps early in the game. The power-plays were warranted and had it not been Huet in net to let in his softie per game, this would have been a 3-1 desperation win for the Caps. That Hatcher goal was brutal. The Flyers have too much depth for the Caps, but they have to stay out of penalty trouble.
April 19, 2008 5:47 PM ET | Delete
You claim bias by NBC, but than I read this..Pierre McGuire would "service" Mike Richards if he didn't already have a boyfriend. NBC has the worst announcers possible. EdZo, Pierre, and Milbury are pure garbage. Bring back Gary Thorn and Clement.The reffing has sucked all series. We benefitted from it game 3 but couldnt finish. Game 4 was clearly all Flyers, and today we got a better share today and cashed 2 PPs in. But your first goal was a result of a horrific interference call on Feds. The Flyers had no business being in the game until that 5 on 3. Shots were like 15-4, and hits 22-8. Credit to them, they scored..and battled back. Thats what good teams do, take advantage of breaks. When did OV dive today? Are you mistaking it with Umbergers triple-axle...?Its a good series, and I think the team thats deserved to win each game HAS. Game 4, I thought we deserved it in regulation..but you took it to us in regulation.
April 19, 2008 6:37 PM ET | Delete
Ovie diving? Give me a break. You lost ALL credibility with everything that followed that stament. And yes, the NBC guys were a little more sided with your Flyers, so I don't know what your beef it there.
April 19, 2008 7:56 PM ET | Delete
i meant...you took it to us in overtime.. especially in the 2nd.
April 19, 2008 10:02 PM ET | Delete
I didn't see any bias, but it was definitely an exciting game and I'm glad the Caps one. As for Ovie diving, I don't think so. Nice try....your love for your team has blinded you from reality.
April 20, 2008 2:03 PM ET | Delete
NBC is terrible to watch games on. The commentary is awful. The caps were being written off because they lose 3 straight games, and ovechkin did do a nice dive job in game 4. If it wasnt for a 3rd period meltdown, it would have been a sweep. This game might go to 7 since Knuble is out with a torn hammy. PS. the league absolutely loves Crosby and Ovechkin, maybe the refs should get off their knees.
April 20, 2008 2:07 PM ET | Delete
Millertime, check out the video of Ovie's swan dive in Game 3. Also, Ovie went down every time Timonen touched him in Game 4, even if it was only a one-handed push in along the boards. If it were one-time thing, I'd dismiss it. But I counted 4 times in the first period and five in the second when that happened. You can't tell me that Timonen - a hulking specimen listed at 5'10", 194 lbs and widely known for his highly aggressive checking style - had that much leverage that often on Ovie, who's displayed tons of strength in his 6'1" frame throughout the season.
April 20, 2008 6:02 PM ET | Delete
Not a dive? Everyone needs to take off their anti-Flyers glasses. April 21, 2008 1:26 AM ET | Delete
I think many players will embelish after a hit, trying to draw a call. I think the refs tend to give players like Crosby and Ovechkin the benefit of the doubt more than others, and they know this, so they tend to exaggerate and fall etc. trying to get a power play for their team. It's not fair but that's the way I see it...I don't really blame the players...if they can get away with it. I think the NHL should enforce the diving rule more one sided. I have always thought that it was idoitic to always call a trip AND a dive...to me, it should most often be one or the other, not both. I think if there were more penalties given out for diving, where the opponent doesn't get a matching penalty as well, we might see less embelishments. I didn't think NBC showed a big bias toward the Caps. They tend to "side" with whoever is winning the game, but overall didn't hear any major bias...I think maybe its more likely your own bias is at play here.
April 21, 2008 4:36 PM ET | Delete
IT is prety disappointing that when hockey does get network coverege it's so poorly done. I mean regardless of bias (and there always is because i notice it even in western conference games where I really have no preference), they don't seem to know a whole lot about hockey or anything that happened this past season. Also, the debate about whether Broduer should have shaken Avery's hand is a joke. That punk had a rule changed for him. They should call it the "class" rule. He is the only player that would even think of doing something so stupid. I can't think of a single player in the league that would blame Marty for not doing it. Why show class to a completely classless guy?Anyway, I'm looking forward to the Flyers being back on CSN. I'm hoping for some more even officiating or just less officiating since they can't seem to decide what they are going to call or not going to call. I mean, it's like they're trying to make up for screwing one team in the next game and ti just ends up lookign waaay one sided. Also. I had alot fo respect for Ovie before this series and I'm so disappointed. You're kidding yourself if you say he hasn't been embelishing (to put it lightly). He had a chance for a good shot on goal and he could have beat Biron but he chose to fall instead. I really expected more. He's a physical player and I'm not "falling" for all his "falling".May the best team win. GO FLYERS!
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