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As the season approaches....
Here are a few things I've been thinking about...

Heatley - Don't care. Enough already, trade him to a Russian team.

'Yotes - Don't care, it's stupid at this point. Let's keep a team in the league that is losing tons of money. Sorry 'Yotes fans.

Previous Cup Winners - Don't care. It's time for the new season to be upon us.

Third Jersey's - Stupid. All about the $$$, not about fashion. Go Retro if you have too.

Contracts - All guaranteed contracts are stupid in every sport. I don't watch too much football but their contractual system is the way to go. You suck you get dumped and you stop getting paid. What he!! is a buyout for when you suck!!!??? LOL

Bettman - Follow his way and watch a league go to the dumps.

NHLPA - WTF, are they doing? Here comes another strike.

Enjoy. Have fun and lets go hockey!!!
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