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Flyers Thoughts

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A few thoughts have crossed my mind as I look at this team from the beginning of the year to now.

First thing that sticks out is that I simply beleive the Flyers are still a year away to becoming a top team. I think they caught fire in stretches and it got all the Flyers Fans juiced up, thinking this would be the year of the Cup. Coming into this year, I simply was looking for them to compete for a playoff spot. Missing the playoffs would not have bothered me because the pieces were in place for a solid foundation. Its takes almost a full year so a team can come together, not just a few months. Truth be told, we got spoiled from early success.

The key this offseason is the resign the vital parts and not have such huge turmoil going into next year.

Second I think players these days truly don't play for the cup anymore. They play for thier next CONTRACT. The media lets it be known to everyone even in the middle of the year the status of each player and their contracts. I've seen in recent years after a player has signed their contract they take a year off. NOW, there not going to admit that but let's be real.

You know for a fact:
Umberger/Carter are in contract years. Wouldn't you know it, they are playing their best hockey to date. Just give this notion some thought. Look at the NBA.

In any event there are nine games left...strap on your seat belts because it's going to be a bumpy ride.
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March 18, 2008 5:13 PM ET | Delete
Nice piece. Still wouldn't mind seeing Stevens out though. Not a big John Stevens fan and never was. I can admit that he hasn't exactly had a lot of time, but his coaching style is unconvincing. You are right though, Flyers look like a team just a year or two away from being a true force.
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