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Note: I never will claim authenticity of these rumors...because they're rumors.

Well its no secret Vermette is a great Trade chip for the Sens and there as been trade rumors involving him for months, but now they are just getting odd/ridicualous.

First there was that 3-way trade that made no sense for L.A. and little sense for Ottawa. Now the rumor making the rounds is Vermette to Vancouver for a D-man like Bieska.

Here's the lowdown on this situation.

Ottawa has 8 potential D-men for next season on thier roster (including Mezsy who is unsigned technically) They ARE interested in getting a solid Puck-moving/PP quarterback D-man.

But they aren't going to sacrifce thier only other Offensive weapon for a D-man the may already have. Meszaros has shown flashes of being a great Offensice D-man but playing all this time with Redden may have hurt his development.

If Ottawa is going to Bring in a D-man by Moving Vermette, Meszy or Shubert will be going with him and either a BIG NAME puck mover will be the return or another young scorer and puck-mover will comeback.

I don't doubt that Vermette could be traded but if it happens he won't be the only one leaving town.

Like other members of the Sens Army, I'm a little frustrated with Murray's lack of moves, but i still realize he isn't a moron. He's slowly working out the kinks left by Muckler. Murrays doing what Fletcher and the next Leaf Gm will be doing for a couple years and thats cleaning up mistakes. While Murray hasn't made any great moves besides locking up Heater, Fisher and even Spezza (Time will tell on Spezza), he has though revamped the scouting and Drafted Karlsson who I promise you Sens fans he is going to be big for us down the road. But Murray also hasn't made any glaring mistakes besides Paddock. The Corvo/Eaves trade looks bad now but it made sense at the time and lossing Corvo is worth it if we never have to deal with Eaves medical Bill again.

Remeber Sens Army this is our Rebuilding Season, and we are still a Playoff Contender, not many teams can do what were going to be doing.

Just for fun here's a list of the mostly likely Sens to be traded, the % of likely hood they'll be traded by Pre-season and what needs to comeback in thier trade---

Vermette - 30% - Scoring Forward or Young Scoring Prospects
Mezsaros- 50% - Young, Puck Moving D-man
Schubert- 40% - Scoring Forward or a Blue-chip Prospect
Gerber- 50% - Goaltending and Defense (Sens will try to shop him all year)
Alexander Nikulin - 25% - Aging Prospect in need of new scenary or a young D-man
Spezza- 5% - A dump truck of an Offer a Goalie, a Top 6 Forward and a Offensive D-man
Neil- 70% - Not much is going to be needed to get Neil my Guess would be Offensive Prospect
Jeff Glass- 50% - He'll be a piece of another trade

Now let me clearify that none of these players may be moved but the are the likely canidates to be shipped out of Ottawa, if you wanna know why a certain player is or isn't on this list I'll be more than happen to explain my reasoning.

As Usual Feel Free to send any questions or comments to me at [email][email protected][/email] I'll do my best to answer every question as fast as possible
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