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Well the Sens are 3-0 in thier new black jersey's, anyone else think they should keep wearing them?

Finally we have a confident reliable goalie in net. Alex Auld has been a great addition, and has made Gerber a 3.5 million dollar paper wieght.

While I don't think the team is a contender yet, it is finally nice to see the team winning.

Although still way too many passengers on this team. Outside of the big three, there is still nothing.

The Defense is performing better finally and are really helping out Auld.

But there still isn't any secondary scoring to be found, and I still stand firm that a trade is needed, whether its moving Spezza or some combo of passengers, an injection of new blood is needed. While Zubov hasn't been an offensive dynamo he has been strong defensively and has warranted a spot on the big club, and with Bass being Bass, thier is no need for Neil anymore, not that thier really was anyways.

Throw in Ryan Shannon and we have some youth finally getting a chance to shine, which is odd with Bryan Murray still GM, but hey as an Ottawa fan i should be satified with a win....right?.......right?


Sean Avery

We all know what Avery has said and we all know what he has done in his past.
So apparently this is the worse than he has said and done? This is finally gets him suspended?

I am the only one who still likes Sean Avery? I know his team doesn't like me, Bettman doesn't like him, the league doesn't like him, but the Media loves him.

Any news is good news or Any press is good press? Take whichever you like, but Avery is high profile, Avery is as well known around North America as Sydney Crosby, Ovechkin, Gretzky etc...

Everysport has a bad boy, T.O. in the NFL, like 10 guys in the NBA, Sosa and Rodriegez in MLB. Avery is the badboy of the NHL. He gets huge publicity. Sure he isn't the best image for the sport. But with struggling teams in American and a poopty T.V. contract ratings are rating.

But more importantly this biggest problem Bettman and Campbell are facing? Numerous star players are hurt, lots of other players are get injured most from reckless headshots, and players running other players and the take a stance on Avery?

Sean Avery is likely to get a lengthy suspension that will last longer than any other suspension so far this season. You run a player from behind i.e. Van Ryn hit and you get 3-5 games while the injuried player misses 4-8 weeks recovering. You make an off-color albiete inappropriate comment and you get.... we dont know yet but I'm assuming giving Bettman's track record, Avery will get 5-15 games, with the excuse of "he's a repeat offender. And the only victim is........

Elisha Cutbert? Nah she doesn't give an F
Phanuef? Probably doesn't care, if he did he'll mark his calender for the next time he see's Avery on the ice.
Canada? Nope if Elisha sleeps with 3 different NHL players and 2 play for canadian teams, we kinda expect someone to say something.
The Media? Nope the loved it.
NHL's Appearance? They got national coverage in America, possibly even top-billing in some markets
Bettman? Probably isn't hurt by it, but he seems to generally hate "character players"

Why else would the rather "flat" and "drole" Sydney Crosby be the face of the NHL over the colorful AO, Kane, Kolvachuk, Getzlaf, all colorful, all very talented, all good for highlight reels but all aren't "Status Quo" business faced players, they all play to be the flashiest and the best.

Anyone else think this Avery thing has been blowen WAY out of proportion while the NHL almost ignores the head shots?
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December 4, 2008 9:57 PM ET | Delete
Your comments on the Senators are completely radical. Of course we want the Sens to keep their black jerseys!Why would you even fathom trading Spezza, right after you statedthat the big 3 are finally getting some work done. Are you stupid?! Why don't we just shoot Auld in the gut? You'll create the same effect.Trade Vermette la Tappette. That is the only logical solution this team stillhas in solving their lack of secondary scoring. Once Tappette is out of the picture, Kelly will have someone that can finish on his passes, Auld will have a full team he can rely on in front of him, and Paul Maurice will have a new lapdog to give him blowjobs. The End
December 5, 2008 8:43 AM ET | Delete
I will trade you Vermette for Afinogenov.
December 5, 2008 12:44 PM ET | Delete
It has nothing to do with Brian Murray or players but the coach. I hope secondary liners do their jobs in coming days. We got enough talented players.
December 11, 2008 8:00 PM ET | Delete
Hey cash in the bank can you maybe find a better way to analyze people's posts without using homosexual bashing remarks and sexual innuendo? Or are you stupid?
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