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Lets start with the most overdrawn annoying story in hockey.

Sundin-- I keep repeating I don't care what happens with this except i hope he doesnt want to play in Ottawa.

And while I'm going to probably take flack for this, Montreal isn't a possible destination, Gainey said he has no interest in Sundin at this point and with how good Montreal is doing it'd be retarded to shuffle the lines to make room for Sundin.

Philly can't afford him and I truely believe the Bigwigs in Philly arent stupid enough to trade promising talent to make room for a guy who might be around for maybe 2 seasons.

The problem is the majority of teams with cap-space arent contenders, except maybe Canucks + Sundin. The contenders don't have cap-room. I truely believe Vancouver is the only team worth looking at. Anahiem has enough cap-issues so unless Burke is trying to bone the Ducks before he possibly leaves Sundin wont be there.

Brian Burke--- The media has basically labelled him the saviour of the Leafs and a world-class GM. Please look at his track record as a GM in terms of what he has done for a team long-term. Anahiem won a cup with Burke at the helm. But it wasn't his genius that got it done. Solid drafting by Bryan Murray and his team gave Burke the foundation he walked into. Nieds joined Anahiem because he wanted to play with his brother. Pronger literally fell into his lap. Selanne already lived in the area and was tired of the excesive travel. So look at his recent moves he added Schnieder, Bertuzzi, Guerin, Morrison. He traded away/lost Penner, Schnieder, Macdonald, Bryzgalov, Bertuzzi, and Hnidy. Granted the selanne/nieds event didnt help, he has yet to make any improvements to his club by his own genius. Bobby Ryan a guy who should be playing in NHL on a 2nd or possibly a 1st line is in the AHL because Burke is handling the Salary Cap as well as JFJ.

I wont mention his time in Vancouver, as it speaks for itself, very loudly.

Adding him to Toronto would be a grave mistake, he isn't a great drafter, his best moves have been happenstance. Toronto is rebuilding and adding Burke would be counter productive, hand the team to Dave Nonnis or Pat Burns not an over-rated soundbyte highlight reel.
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