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Going going.....gone?

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First off sorry for the delay in my blog, I just got rapped up in a big move. Anyways onto the Sens Army.......

The Andrei Mezsaros sitiuation looks like it may have a resolution....unfortunately nobody knows what it is.

From what I gathered from a few people ..Bryan Murray is putting together one last contract offer for Meszaros, sort of a take it or leave deal, rumored to be around the 3.3-3.5 a season deal but as a catch the money comes with a 4 year deal that'll take Meszy to his UFA year. Also don't expect a NTC with it.

Whether or not Meszy takes it is another story, as he was looking for 3.5-4 a season and a 3 year term. From a quick look niether side is closer than before.

Also rumors about Meszy to L.A. or St.Louis appear did in the water, and since Andy Strickland has yet to report on it, it seems it was just an empty dream.

On the Chris Neil front, nothing has changed, nobody expects him to be a Sen and sounds like a couple guys in the lockerroom don't want him back either.

From what I gather Chicago doesn't plan on parting with Barker or Seabrook, but they are still looking at Neil. So hopefully somemore comes up on that.


Also I'd like to pat myself on the back, because while nobody around here (Looking at you Kevin) was giving much respect or consideration to Sens Prospect Jim O'brein, I was around pushing his name in blogs here and around the web. The Score backed me up by pegging him in thier league wide Rookie watch as Ottawa's number 2 Centre in about 2 years (I had him pegged for 09/10 to make the team, so 10/11 to be a top six sounds about right).

While I'm patting myself on the back I'd like to admit I'm may have been wrong hastely writing off a player, the Score also pegged Kaspars Daugavins as a promising Prospect that should break the top 9 by 10/11. I figured he was going to be a wash, my bad.

Yes I know the Score isn't the end all/be all and they do make mistakes ( The did say Ilya Zubov needed to get better with his defensive play, they musta missed when he shut AO down for almost an entire game) but last year they were one of the very few to expect Gagner, Meuller and Kane to stick around and shine. So they do seem to have thier Rookies right.


This is a short blog as not much as changed around Ottawa and Sundin is still being a pain in the Hockey world's ass. But I'll quicky share my opinions on 2 reaccuring guys in Eks blogs this week.

As for Gomez being traded if Sundin signed with NYR, I really can't see it, Drury traded? More likely. Gomez had a down season last year but he is to valuable to trade expecially when Sundin is only going to play a year or two.

Gaborik being traded, put him beside ole Jay Bouwmeester in the trade deadline or playoffs bucket. Niether of this guys are leaving thier teams before January unless the deal of a lifetime strikes thier team.

And as for my thoughts on Sundin. At this point I hope he gets injuried for the majority of the season and whatever team that sign gets burned by signing him. At this point he knows he's coming back, he's just trying get himself the best deal possible, and I hope he's doing it to get a cup ring or he's just as bad as Yashin.
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August 26, 2008 11:17 AM ET | Delete
You're pretty pathetic to wish an injury on a player.
August 27, 2008 12:45 PM ET | Delete
I said it before and i'll say it again, if your not in it to win a cup, get out. Sundin is only playing for Sundin's wallet, so if he gets hurt it opens room for a player that wants a cup.
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