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Well we are nearing the end of the first month of action and lots of stories are emerging. Starting with my Sens---

As reported on TSN today, Gerbers days are numbered under Hartsburg. Auld will get the start friday against the struggling Ducks and if he turns in a performance similiar to his first against Pittsburg, then we as Sens will have beyond a Goalie contreversy, we'll a switcheroo. They can preach faith in Gerber but our 3rd year in no knowledgeable Sens fan that will still have faith in Gerbs. I personally am praying Auld will continue is strong play from the last season.

On the plus, I've been told by a friend with-in the Sens Organization that Cam Barker or Brent Seabrook may be a Sen really soon if the D doesn't get mobile soon. Nikulin, Luttinen and a Draft pick sounds like the offer on the table. Awesome trade for Sens and works for Chicago in terms of cap, trade a solid prospect that eats cap space for 2 AHL players and Draft pick which will open 2-4 mill in cap-space for Chicago. Heres hoping it happens. Also Neil is in the clear yet.....


Anahiem struggling..... Well like I've said before Burke is an extremely over-rated GM, Murray built the Ducks core, Burke got lucky bringing in Nieds, Selanne and Pronger. I repeat luck not skill. Look at what he left in Vancouver. Need I say more. This team is suffering from the Cap tightness, Bobby Ryan in the AHL should not be happening right now. This team is spiralling downward as fast as Ottawa. Both teams need to right the ship before it sinks hard.

Gaborik..... Apparently being shopped already? I bet he is and I bet Minnesota isn't going to get a good return for him and for all the Habs rumors, get real, there is no roster move unless Lang goes to Minny. And I doubt Minny wants him. I'll say it now St.Louis, Columbus, Phoenix or possibly Nashville. Remember look at the teams who have cap-room or ability to make cap-space with lots to offer. Montreal isnt in a place to easily clear cap-space. Look at the 4 teams I named all potential Playoff teams, all in west and all have lots to offer and someone to play with Gaborik. Nash meet Gaborik, Macdonald/Kariya meet Gaborik, Jokinen/Doan meet Gaborik, Arnott/Hornqvist meet Gaborik, see what I'm getting at.

Sundin....See above in terms of lookin at teams with CAPSPACE not teams that will "Trade stars in prime" for a one-two year left vet. Gomez/Drury arent being traded. Sorry

SO heres my LONG OVERDUE/Updated Playoff predictions and Hedman/Tavares sweepstakes.

1.New York Rangers
8.New Jersey

There is alot of veriance in the standings but some Teams should get on track some while some will suffer continually.


Alot of the spots change based on interconference wins. and Only one of the two teams listed near the bottom will make it.

Obviously alot of you will disagree but to each thier own. I think this year the fight for the 4th-8th will be huge battles down the stretch
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October 23, 2008 4:45 PM ET | Delete
I know your a Sens fan but do you really think they are going to beat out Montreal for the division? I also see that you think nothing of the Sabres great start.
October 23, 2008 6:09 PM ET | Delete
Cant see Calgary losing a spot to Pheonix or Columbus at this point. Typically slow start for Calgary Buffalo will definitely take a spot from one of the SE div teams. If winning a division didn't garuntee a playoff spot nobody from the SE would be there.
October 23, 2008 6:21 PM ET | Delete
Also Philly makes it above Boston and St. Louis will not beat Chicago for a spot other than your picks I agree with the Blog
October 23, 2008 6:30 PM ET | Delete
I love buffalo's great start but i just don't feel they have enough to go the distance and keep pace, believe i would love for them to because I loved both buffalo/ottawa series post-lockout.As for Calgary, I think Calgary is a team in the same spot as Ottawa/Anahiem, once a powerhouse, now struggling to stay competative. Calgary has lots up front and you cant go wrong with Phanuef ever, but Kippers steady decline has alot to do with Calgary's woe and his numbers don't hide anything he is on the downswing of his career. I just dont see Calgary winning enough Division rival games against Edmonton and Minnesota, and dropping 2 to a lousy Canuck team didnt help thier case. Like others Philly's Goalies are to big of a question mark for a team already shallow in defensive depth even when fully healthy. Boston is very hardworking team and its what brought them to the playoffs last year without thier top players, Manny Fernandez should steal them a handful of games to bring them into the playoff picture.And yea I am biased to Ottawa but give them time, something special is building thier, just need a bit more time.
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