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Opening my vent.

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I've had enough of hearing and reading stupid "comments" and "soundbytes"
So this whole blog is my chance to vent on everything bugging me in hockey lately.


Mats Sundin - Everyone is sick of this I agree, but I more sick of the media coverage of this guy. Every medium has said Sundin has or will sign with just about every team. And now when he finally signs all of these "insiders" ranging from Eklund to Pierre Lebrun to Bob Mackenzie are gonna say "I told you he was gonna sign with X" or something along the lines.

This whole situation has gone on to long and I agree its not "COMPLETELY Sundins fault", and that the media is at fault for how bad this has gotten. But mark my words all of these experts are going to come out and lay claim to knowing Sundin was gonna sign with X.


Don Cherry/CBC - To be truthful I've been sick of Don Cherry for years, he has gone from informative and entertaining to annoying and overdone. My biggest annoyance about Cherry and CBC is the weekly tribute to the brave soldiers that were killed in action. When it was first done it was tasteful, heartfealt and even brought a tear to my eye, hell the first handful of them did. But my problem with them is they have little to none sentimental appeal anymore and yes it's because we are getting desensatized to the whole situation but its CBC and Cherry who are causing it. Feel free to call me heartless but I've talk to 2 friends who ARE IN the Canadian Military and have served in Afgan. and are going back for another tour of duty and they both agree the tributes are now cheesy and ungenuine then they ever were.

Thats not all, now we all know Don Cherry says contreversial things, but this wasn't one of them. His comments this past saturday on Coachs Corner were just plain stupid.
He basically compared how Washington Capital Players were dressed when entering arena's. Full suits done hair etc. Then showed some Lightning and Senators entering the arena saturday night, in suits but with toques on and coats open and basically said thats why both of teams are doing so bad.

That is (frank)ing stupid, flatout stupid. If Don Cherry was in Ottawa on saturday, he wouldn't have said anything. It was freaking cold on saturday, I know cause I live in Ottawa and went to the game. Funny part is myself and thousands of other people had parka's and toques on.

Here's a msg for Cherry, the teams are struggling because one team has no idea whats going on hour-to-hour with thier franchise (Tampa) and the other team has no secondary scoring and refuses to listen to an excellent coach (Ottawa)

The way you dress has no bairing on your team play, if it did any team with Avery and Emery would be in the cup finals every year.

I truely believe Don Cherry is just speaking to hear his own voice, oh and obviously a guy who wears suits like his should'nt be giving fashion advice.


Pat Quinn and Team Canada

So a top 5 pick for 2009 doesn't make the team, the top pick for 2010 doesn't make the team, so we can take 2 extra defensemen because Quinn doenst have faith in Ryan Ellis? Then why take Ellis, he is a really talented player but if you don't think he can do it, dont cut 2 very talented players in Taylor Hull and Nazem Kadri.

My only plus for Quinn is finally taking Esposito, this kid is retardly talented, he is similiar to Robbie Schremp in that he lacks some Defensive zone skills but is a phenom on Offense. Which leds to my next rant.

Angelo Esposito's bad rep

Everyone says Esposito is over-rated or a one year wonder. Here's what seems to be a little known secret, Angelo's points have dropped in each season because his Quebec Ramparts coach has asked and forced Angelo to play a much more defensive game. Now playing for Montreal in the QMJHL he is putting up awesome numbers again and he's doing it without being a liabilty on ice.

I've always said if you pair up Angelo with some strong defensive d-men or linemates and let him do his thing.


Who's the best in the NHL?

Crosby or Ovechkin?
Niether, both are high profile talented players, personally I think AO is the better of the 2 but lets all sit back and think of who has been impossible to get off our minds since last year?
What one player has the ability to make you forget about Crosby and AO?
What one player can dominate a game like Crosby and AO?
What one player stays out of the media spotlight despite leading the league in points?

Evgeni Malkin.

Occasionally he gets caught up in Crosby/Ovechkin talks, but in a fair, world with out Bettman's and Pittsburgh's marketing, Evgeni Malkin would be the toast of the league.

The saddest part of this whole situation is when pittsburgh has to move one of them, and they will, why would the marketability of player be chossen over the raw talent of another? (Cause Hockey is a business, i know, but its meant to be a retorical question)

Malkin is a better all around player then Crosby and AO, but Malkin lacks the media flare which causes him to play 2nd fiddle to 2 other players.

If you could have one of these guys on your team at thier current contract $ amount. Why wouldn't you pick Malkin?
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December 16, 2008 2:49 PM ET | Delete
I think an argument can be made for any of those 3 for best in the league, but Malkin should definitely not be looked over just because he is not marketed by the league.
December 21, 2008 6:00 PM ET | Delete
I completely agree with your Malkin argument and the only reason I can think of for the lack of marketing for him and Ovie is that they are genuinely ugly human beings. I know that is super harsh to say but honestly Malkin looks like Shrek and Ovie resembles a pre homosapien neanderthal.
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